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Does Anyone Actually Know What A Romantic Song is

Updated on February 8, 2018
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More of a journalist by education, Jennifer Branton does the occasional ramble in the form of fiction.

Setting The Mood

After getting off work, my husband was preparing the evening slop as I plopped down in the recliner to get another chapter or so out of the novel I have been working away so I could pen a book review tomorrow evening. It was his idea to pop on one of the Youtube Playlists for "Romantic Valentine's Day Music" which we ate our spaghetti and chicken Parmesan and I joked about how we should try to eat Lady and The Tramp style.

I found myself singing along the rock ballads blasting from the TV speakers when about four songs in I had realized something- whoever had made this Romantic Music playlist was clearly either putting in songs they just liked with little concern to the lyrics, or figured any song that mentioned two people had to be a Valentine's song.

Fortunatly nothing was the level of Blurred Lines, but in the first ten minutes I heard back to back two tracks by one of my favorite artists of my youth Guns N' Roses with their sweet slow rock on Don't Cry, and November Rain- both break up songs if you actually know the words to the songs.

Then there was Winds Of Change by The Scorpions, which really could be debated about just general changes in life- nothing positively romantic. I was convinced they just did a Google of some songs that you find on those Mood Setting CD's as the playlist continued into both Crazy and Cryin' by Aerosmith, both great jams but hardly romantic again unless the maker of this video thinks dysfunctional relationships are their turn on.


I began to wonder what type of relationships this person had been in to find these songs romantic and psychoanalysis them based on their perception of romance from this playlist.

Dysfunctional Relationships And Cheating

I noted to my husband that even though we were rocking out to the music on this list, I hadn't heard anything that attempted to be a romantic song other than maybe Bon Jovi's Always. Maybe I would even allow in Bed Of Roses if you were taking in some dysfunctional in your idea of romantic. Maybe this was the same people that called 50 Shades Of Gray a sweet romantic comedy.

Pressing onward into the playlist we got more jams- all songs that I like very much as I am into a lot of 80's, 90's rock remembering the best times of my life when I was first going to concerts with my older cousins and seeing bands like Motley Crue well before my eighteenth birthday.

Cinderella's Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone was giving me the impression that the Youtube user had undergone a bad breakup and was just patching the hole in their soul with rock ballads.

Then we were treated on one of my favorite Hinder songs Lips Of An Angel, and my husband was convinced we had to do more research to see what other songs this Youtube user had posted as Valentine's songs.

As beautiful as the song is, Lips Of An Angel is about a no win situation that I don't believe ended well for anyone as it was rumored that whole album was an apology for infidelity if that was to be believed. The song is narrated by a man that keeps getting calls from a mistress while he's at home and the wife is in the other room and could hear at any moment but he doesn't want to hurt the woman hes's trying to break it off with as she keeps calling and crying and breaking his heart, but he wants to be faithful now to his wife.

Is this what passes for romance these days?

Hinder's Lip's Of An Angel, is a beautiful song....about adultery and lying to your spouse so I fail to see who wins out here- the cheating husband trying to break it off with the mistress that keeps calling in the middle of the night trying to reunite with him, the wife that probably knows he is cheating, or the man caught in the middle.

Is Remembering A Way Of Saying Goodbye

Moving on into the later track of more Guns N' Roses with Patience, a little ditty about trying to keep some space to "just try to get it right" and get yourself back to center, isn't really a romantic tune. Then there is With Or Without You by U2 which really kind of states its case right there.

Bryan Adams Please Forgive Me might be on the fence of being a goodbye song depending on how the recipient feels.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn is even there. For the non Poison fans but maybe anyone that watched Bret Michaels on the various seasons of Rock Of Love, the singer admits the song was about a woman that cheated on him and then dumped him for someone else.


Every Rose Has It's Thorn, often mistaken for a love song is actually discussed by Bret Michaels on Rock Of Love that its about a woman that cheated on him and broke his heart.


Other Honorable Mentions

Laughing our way through the pseudo romantic playlist while we chowed down on some Italian, my husband and I took to Google on our devices to track down more mistaken Valentine's Day tunes and came back with a decent list.

There are plenty of Buzzfeed's devoted to people not knowing what songs were about but not knowing what songs that seemed romantic were about- that might be a little special.

As far back as the Beach Boy's God Only Knows has lines about how the narrator might not "always love" the subject of the song which is pretty dark. The Police also comes up often for Every Breath You Take which should really be the official stalker's anthem. The Kidneythieves, whom I adore, had a great new dark take on Patsy Cline's Crazy setting the mood for the narrator saying that she knew it was just a matter of time before she would be replaced for somebody new.

Rick Springfield still comes up on those type of lists for his hit Jessie's Girl which flat out says he is trying to steal his best friend's woman. How romantic indeed.

REM classic The One I Love goes on to state about it being for the one the narrator has already left behind, a simple thought to occupy my time. Now there is something Hallmark worthy if they had cards for Ex's you would like to see get run over by a Mack truck or something.

George Michael's Careless Whisper, or the updated version by Seether both are amazing, but they fall back into that category of "got caught cheating." Definitely low romance factor.

James Blunt has another thing for that case of the stalking in Your'e Beautiful checking out a woman with another man on the train, oddly reminding me of Jet's Are You Gunna Be My Girl. I guess its not appropriate to try to snatch the date of someone else.

These are all great songs, just a little misunderstood is all. But the heart wants what it wants, does it not? Even if it's songs about heartbreak and cheating?

What would I put on my life of Valentine's Day songs if I were to make a list? I'm not sure but maybe it is something I should work on this week.


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