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Does Anyone Send Christmas Cards Anymore? Online Options for Christmas Greetings!

Updated on December 21, 2010


Over the years, the number of Christmas cards that I receive has dwindled dramatically.

Facebook has taken over as the address-book of the world.

It's not surprising that everyone is sending Christmas greetings through Facebook. Email itself has decreased in favor of Facebook.

Instead of looking at the down-side of this, I think it's a welcome change.

With the rising cost of postage stamps, sending Christmas greetings was an expensive addition to my Christmas budget.

Although I still hand-deliver Christmas Cards to my friends and family that I see over the Christmas holidays, I don't see the need to mail cards when I can simply send a Christmas message through Facebook or through e-mail for those friends and family who still use it!

Merry Christmas with Facebook

Facebook! What is easier that sending a greeting through Facebook?

If you want simple and quick, send a message with an attachment for your friends and family.

Of course, a status message is fine, but your contacts should receive a more personal message, and one that won't get lost in the update shuffle.

Facebook has free e-cards as well that are fun and lively.

Choose one of the top applications.

If you receive one from your friends, add the application for a fast and easy search! You can also send a photo or YouTube video with a personal Christmas message.

Merry Christmas with E-Cards

There are many online options for sending Christmas greetings through free E-Card sites.

The benefits to these sites are that they offer beautiful imagery and animated delights!

Most of the sites offer free trials which would be a great option for this time of year. What could be better than receiving a dancing Santa with music and lights?

A quick Google search will bring you to the top sites for E-cards.

My Top Five Christmas E-Card Sites:


Christmas Greetings through E-mail

If you want to send a more personal greeting, you can make a virtual card and send it as an attachment to your email contact list or through your Facebook address-book.

Send a Christmas YouTube video like this Snoopy Christmas video to the right for a fun change!

You can always scan your family Christmas photo and send away!

Although slightly old-fashioned by today's standards, this may seem more personal for the receiver.

Also, there are many who don't use Facebook on a regular basis and who still rely on email for their contacts.

Christmas Cards in Print

Christmas Greetings through the U.S. Postal Service

Christmas Cards through the Postal Service is preferable to any other option as far as I'm concerned.

If you are crafty, make your own cards!

Christmas cards are no longer expensive, especially if you buy a box at your local dollar, thrift or box-store.

The postage will be the biggest expense.

I love the old-fashioned cards with gold-embossed and glittery Christmas scenes!

If you want to send an old-fashioned Christmas greeting to your loved ones but are on a budget, consider trimming your list to those that will appreciate it the most.

Usually, older relatives and friends are the most appreciative of Christmas Cards through the mail.

Send a limited number of cards if you are on a tight budget. I like to send a combination of greetings to fit the receiver.

Christmas cards can also be included with gifts if you want to cut the cost of postage. Bring them with you when you visit your friends and relations this Christmas.

Seasons Greetings!

Whether you choose to send cards through the mail, online, or in person, the most important message that you send is one of peace, hope, joy and good will during the holiday season.

If you don't have time to send a message, or life just gets crazy, a phone call on Christmas wishing your friends and family a peaceful day will be appreciated by those you love and cherish.

Merry Christmas to all this holiday season.


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    • profile image

      michaelnaeesam 5 years ago

      hello susie if you are still in need of them this is the site

      and details, there very helpfull , mention micky neelsam recommened you

    • Jeff May profile image

      Jeffrey Penn May 7 years ago from St. Louis

      Cards at Christmas or any other time of year were always difficult for me. On the other hand, I'm a little leery of E-cards. Aren't they usually full of viruses? Good hub.

    • amybradley77 profile image

      amybradley77 7 years ago

      I not only send Christmas cards, I just learned how to make them at home too!! Follow me soon I will be posting pictures of some of my home made cards, and lots of my other home made things too.

    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      I love Christmas cards or greetings no matter how they come. My favorite though, hands down, is the traditional paper Christmas card through the mail or hand delivered.

    • profile image

      Cher 7 years ago

      Great hub! I prefer to send Xmas cards via 'psychic imagery'... All I have to do is be really still, quiet and think about you. I picture you making snow angels and laughing and maybe later having some hot chocolate and grinning. Did you get it? LOL

    • kirutaye profile image

      kirutaye 7 years ago from London, UK

      Over the years i have been sending out less christmas cards by snailmail and more by facebook. Times they are a-changing.

      Cool hub. :o))

    • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

      Kathryn Skaggs 7 years ago from Southern California

      I love sending and receiving birthday and holiday greetings via Facebook! Great Hub:-)