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Dog Gift Basket

Updated on April 20, 2010

Gift for a Dog Lover

Whether it's a dog's birthday or you just want to give a friend a gift, these gift baskets are great for dog lovers and those who just want to pamper their pooch. The dog lovers give baskets contain tons of treats, toys, and other goodies that any dog and dog owner will love.

You can make your own gift basket with hand picked items, but sometimes it's more convenient and cheaper to purchase a pre-made gift basket. Sometimes dog toys and gourmet dog treats can be expensive, especially if you were planning on making a complete gift basket.

If you want to make a homemade gift basket for your favorite dog lover, you'll want to try to include: a ball (whether a rubber ball, tennis ball, squeaky ball, etc), rope, plush toy, chew toys, healthy training treats, healthy chew bone, healthy dog biscuits, brush and/or comb, dog shampoo and conditioner, nail clippers, dog toothbrush and toothpaste, dog picture frame, a dog photo album, dog training book, dog care book, and just about anything else in-between.

As you can see, buying all the products for the gift basket can be expensive, unless you are a smart shopper.

The best alternative, is to purchase a pre-made dog gift basket, such as those below. You will find that they include a nice assortment of goodies and snacks that any dog will love.

Ultimate Pampered Dog Gift Basket

This is probably one of the best dog gift baskets that you can find. It includes loads of dog treats and toys. The products in this basket are definitely high quality treats and toys.

  • Doggie croissants
  • Celestial smiles chew toy
  • Doggie doughnuts
  • Knotted rope bone
  • Bouncy squeak toy
  • Beef jerky
  • Sample pack of dog treats
  • Natural rawhide twists
  • Bouncy chew toys
  • Berber fleece bear
  • Bacon treats
  • Natural dog shampoo and conditioner

New Pooch Gift Basket

This is a great gift basket for a new puppy owner. It comes with the basics that the new owner will need.

  • "How to be the Leader of the Pack" Book
  • Puppy Candles
  • Metal Dog Bone Shape Keychain
  • Stuffed Dog Bookmark
  • Grooming Dog Brush
  • Dog Daze Tie Towel
  • Dog Memo Pads
  • Doggy Bones Cookie Cutter with Recipe Card
  • Magnetic Pet Frame
  • Munchy Bones Dog Treats
  • Awesome Dog Shampoo
  • 7 Stuffed Dog Animal
  • Canvas Dog Chew Toy
  • Dog Lovers Pasta

Dog Lover's Gift Basket

A great gift basket to pamper a dog. Any dog lover would be happy to receive this gift basket. There are plenty of dog treats and a few toys in this gift basket that any dog is sure to love.

  • Doggie Croissant
  • Doggie Doughnuts
  • Beef Jerky
  • Peanut Biscuits
  • Tasty Twisters
  • Dippity-Doo-Dads
  • Celestial Smiles toy
  • Rope bones
  • Crazy bouncing rubber ball

You & Your Pooch! Dog Gift Basket

This cute paw print container, there are many gifts for both the dog and the dog's pet parent.

Gifts for the dog owner:

  • Magnetic Pet Frame
  • Dog Memo Pads
  • Dog Lovers Pasta
  • Haute Cuisine Assorted Italian Cookies
  • Nunes Farms Roasted Salted Pistachios
  • East Shore Specialty Dipping Pretzels
  • Zesty White Cheddar Popcorn

Gifts for the dog:

  • Dapper Dog Gourmet Dog Biscuits
  • Munchy Bones
  • Doggie Bis-Cuties Williweenie Dog Treats
  • Mini Stuffed Velour Bean Bag Dog
  • Animal Print Dog Toy

Dog Lover Gift

This dog gift basket is great for the pet parent and the dog. There's something for everyone in this basket. The goodies are stacked high.

  • Doggy picture frame
  • Chewy rawhide dog bone
  • Crispy gourmet cheese sticks
  • Gourmet cookies
  • Fresh popped popcorn
  • Crunchy nuts

Dog Breed Coffee Gift Basket

Dogs Australian Cattle - Australian Cattle Dog - Coffee Gift Baskets - Coffee Gift Basket
Dogs Australian Cattle - Australian Cattle Dog - Coffee Gift Baskets - Coffee Gift Basket

Australian Cattle Dog Coffee Gift Basket contains 15oz Cattle Dog mug, set of 4 coasters, biscotti, and 5 blends of gourmet coffee (French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate, and Italian Roast Espresso).



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    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 8 years ago from Georgia

      These would definitely cut down time shopping for holidays, and you can choose which basket you want. Unlike a lot of the really cheap quality ones at like Walmart, these have good quality toys and treats.

    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 8 years ago from I'm outta here

      Pet Treat Baskets are a wonderful idea, my two girls have me running all about gathering special treats for the pets on the holidays...birthdays and the like. Great to have a Dog Gift Basket and one stop shopping. Thanks and Peace :)

    • Eurosquid profile image

      Eurosquid 8 years ago

      Looks good enough to eat! Bow-wow!