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Dog Halloween Costumes: Spider

Updated on October 2, 2014
Photo taken by: istolethetv
Photo taken by: istolethetv | Source

Halloween is a fun occasion for the entire family, your furry friend included. While some may not dress up their pup for Halloween, others may look forward to the event all year long. There are many different costumes and sizes that can be bought for your dog. Some of these costumes even come with a harness system to help attach a leash to. One of the most popular dog costumes is the one with a spider. Here are several renditions of a popular series of dog Halloween costumes: spider.

Here is a costume for a smaller dog. The costume goes over nearly the entire dog. The advantage here is that a harness and leash can be attached. However, be careful that the dog can not squirm out of both harness and costume. If a dog is able to squirm out of these two, then they may run away or get hurt.

Photo taken by: Beau B
Photo taken by: Beau B | Source

Another popular rendition to the dog spider costume is to go with the ever famous Spider Man. In this costume proper fit is a huge requirement. One of the great things about this costume is that for dogs without an undercoat this can help serve as a kind of Halloween jacket.

Photo taken by: istolethetv
Photo taken by: istolethetv | Source

So where can these costumes be obtained? Here are several available through Amazon. The trick with any of these costumes is to make sure you get the correct size and fit for your dog. Getting too small or large will result in a frustrated owner and pup.

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Dog Safety Tips for Halloween

When Halloween rolls around, you want your dog to be both happy and healthy. Here are several tips to help ensure that your pet has an excellent holiday!

No Candy

Pet owners often have a candy bowl around for trick-or-treaters. A young pup may not understand that he is not supposed to have this and dig in. This can lead to serious sickness as dogs are not supposed to have chocolate. Make sure to keep an eye on the candy bowl so that your pup does not sneak a treat or two.

Pumpkin Madness

While pumpkins are not toxic, it may be better if your pet refrained from chewing on the pumpkin. Many dogs can get indigestion and other problems after eating on a pumpkin. If you catch your dog eating a pumpkin, make sure to either scold or remove the pumpkin (or both).

Low Stress May Mean No Costume

Some dogs love to be in costumes. Perhaps they don’t have a thick undercoat or perhaps because of the attention they get, but they love costumes. Not all dogs treat costumes with such affinity. If your pet hates getting into costume, do not cause them extra stress by forcing it on them.

Costumes Can Be Chewed On

Dogs are excellent at figuring out how to twist around and chew on parts of their costumes. If your dog keeps biting on parts of the costume, you may want to consider letting them out of their costume or scolding them. Be careful not to let them free without watching them, as they may break the costume in a way that is harmful to them (such as wire poking out).

Keep Dogs Away from the Front Door

Very few dogs and cats are okay with a parade of strangers showing up at your front step and causing noise. Halloween can cause a lot of stress with your pup. It may be best to put your dog in a separate room away from the action. Furthermore, having your dog in another room will prevent the pup from darting outside and away from the house. If may also be a good time to verify they have identification, should they get outside/away.

Hopefully these tips will keep your pup safe this Halloween. If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like to share, feel free to do so in the comments below.


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