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Don't Buy Into The Valentines Day Hype

Updated on February 2, 2013

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Who Are The Real Winners During V-Day?

Ok! So since Valentines day is rolling around, yet again, it is sure to get people stir-crazy, mainly guys, in finding that right gift for that special someone. However, what does this say about that person? Whether it be the guy or the girl, or both? what does it say about the integrity of the gift giver, and even more importantly, the gift receiver?

Some Valentiners expect to receive something every February 14th. It has been embedded in their spoiled little conceited brains that, "he better get me something special this time or else!". For that matter, even the suave and Casanova 'him' expects many gifts from an assortment of "significant others" on this special day. But here is the question; Is it just that....a special day? Just what really makes it so special, and is there a way of getting around this seemingly dreadful and anxiety filled time?

Well, for starters, lets look a little more closely at the expectations. What do these expectations revolve around? Do they really revolve around the fact that Valentine's Day is a sacred holiday that one is to, under obligation, express their sincere and everlasting love for their significant other? One may argue, "why does it have to be this day?". Or better yet, any day for that matter, as it may only serve as one simply following a trend rather than the true feeling of the heart, which is the supposed intent.

What if your significant other showers you with affection more often than this special time called Valentines Day? Would he or she then get a pass for skipping the day of "the trend"? Or perhaps, to escape the Valentines Day hype, your significant other presents your gift in January. Does this make them any lesser of a compassionate and caring person? The same gifts that are given out during Valentines Day can be purchased and presented any other day, and more likely at a more affordable price. Is it not then obvious that the big businesses are the ones mostly capitalizing, profiting and using the opportunity of Valentines Day to their advantage, while leaving others either broke, in the dog-house or worse...both?

The Valentines Day hype is just that.....Hype. It is a shame that, just as with Valentines Day, many other holidays are mangled and man-handled by the big businesses to take advantage of the kind hearted-ness of others. Surely you do not believe that they are truly in the spirit just to be in the spirit. Remember, you are making "a purchase" from "a business", which means that the company servicing your needs for a price is doing it primarily for that reason...a price. As long as this is understood and taken into consideration, perhaps it would prevent people from getting bamboozled and ripped off every year on February 14th, the time of the Valentines Day hype.

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    • Breatheeasy3 profile image

      Breatheeasy3 4 years ago from USA

      lol! Very funny story Lisa...I can only imagine the many memories you have of during your time as a florist. I like the notion of your anticipation of receiving your husband's card. It is that very aspect that should be the core of the celebration, besides the mainstream fuss, agony and seemingly job-like approach that takes place now. Thanks for the comment.

    • Lisakelly profile image

      Lisa Kelly 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      I am a sucker for Valentine's day because I think it gives you an excuse to take a minute and express feelings that often get lost in daily chaos. But I totally agree that the whole thing is gone over board and become more about the almighty dollar than the heart. My husband and I never exchange gifts on Valentine's day, but I very much look forward to his card every year. I use to be a florist, and man I could tell you stories about the pathetic faces that came running in on Valentine's day, desperate to buy flowers as if there girlfriend/wife was going to beat them if they came home empty handed!