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Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on June 8, 2013

Children's birthday parties are always special because they mark the passing of another year in your child's life. Before you know it, they will be grown up, so it's always good to have some special memories, from special times in their life. There are lots of things you could do to make a birthday party one to remember, but at the same time you probably won't want to completely blow the family budget. A Dr. Seuss birthday party is one way solve the dilemma because there are just so many Dr. Seuss birthday party ideas that you could play around with, to create a party that will be uniquely special to your child.

You can probably remember Dr. Seuss yourself, because his engaging, rhyming children's books have unforgettable characters. There are a few generations of Dr. Seuss graduates out there now and the books are just as appealing now as they were when they first came out. Now that the possibility has been considered, it's time to have a look at some Dr. Seuss birthday party ideas. There are a lot of options available and one of the best things is that there is always a learning element included, no matter what you choose. Dr. Seuss is synonymous with fun learning experiences, so your birthday plans will be even more exciting.

The following list provides an idea of the type of things that are readily available for you to use with a Dr. Seuss birthday party. Starting with the invitations, you can build an amazing party around some of these ideas, right down to the cake:

Dr.Seuss Birthday Party Invitations

There's not many Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Invitations, but that's ok, you can also make them on your own. All you need is a little creativity and a picture of your favorite Dr. Seuss character and Viola! You have invitations. You can choose the design, personalized it with your child's name, date and time of the party. Maybe even add a lovely picture of your child to the invitation.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Cakes

Making a Dr. Seuss Birthday cake is not hard as it seems. You can make a simple cake of your child's favorite flavor and decorate with a Dr. Seuss cake topper. Not into cakes, then you can make cupcakes as well. Just add some toppers. You can find them at

Some Beautiful Pictures of Dr. Seuss Cakes

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Activities

Here are some great ideas for Dr. Seuss Activities and Games:

  • You can place the kids in a corner and have them watch a Dr. Seuss movie.
  • You can play musical chairs. Kids really like this game and will have fun playing it.
  • You can setup a pinata. Everyone's favorite. Just fill the pinata up all sorts of candies and watch the kids have fun busting open the pinata.

These items come with all kinds of variations, so you have a great opportunity to deliver some fun birthday activities. For example, you could maybe have a 'Cat in the Hat' theme party and match up the invitations, cake, decorations, costumes etc. Maybe if your child is really young, you could have a Dr. Seuss plush toys party instead. Or how about some themed games and activities and tie in the decorations, wall posters and stickers. With some creative thinking, you can come up a lot of Dr. Seuss birthday party ideas.

If you can imagine a kid in a candy shop, you will have an idea of how much fun it will be to put on this party. It's really easy to order online, so it's time to start planning. Just choose a theme that will compliment your child's personality and age. Whatever you choose, the thing to remember is that you will be doing something really special for your child. He or she will remember this as something special and so will you. It is personally rewarding when you know you are doing something which will light up your child's world.

Get some more fun ideas for birthday parties and other budget-friendly tips for a more enjoyable birthday party by visiting Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas now! Your child will surely thank you for it!


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    • Modern Greetings profile image

      Modern Greetings 6 years ago

      Very cool ideas. I like the idea of the cat in the hat's hat as a birthday cake.