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Dragon Gift Ideas To Bring Happiness & Good Fortune In Your Life

Updated on April 27, 2016

According to Chinese Astrology, Dragon is the only representative of the eastern calendar, which can not be seen in the real life. Perhaps that is why people imagination is so vivid, varied and sometimes contradictory, when it comes to draw the image of this mysterious creature.

New Year - is a special holiday when we are waiting for miracles and gifts. We are so eager to enter into a fairy tale, treat yourself and your family with different awesome surprises. And since you have to bring New Year gifts to relatives and friends, you have to start buying those in advance, not leaving everything to the last day and this article will guide you in this.

Gifts for the New Year, which will represent the Dragon, have a great popularity because people love to bring the best as a present to their friends and relatives. This variety of gifts can be: mugs, paintings, statues, T-shirts, pens, fun toys, magnets, key chains and other things. You can check out 50 Dragon Gifts Under $50: Amazing Finds for Everyone in the Year of Dragon 2012.

According to the legends of the East, if you give a gift, which symbolize dragon (for example, a painting with a image of dragon on it), the happiness and good fortune will come to the house, and during the year it will be protected from all troubles.

Let us bring to your attention some amazing Dragon gift ideas that will be an awesome addition in your life bringing only happiness and good luck in the year of Dragon:

Bedding Set with Dragon image on it. People, who spend a lot of time at work, spend little time at home, and basically it takes some hours for sleep. As we know, the third part of our lives we sleep. It is necessary to bring all the comfort in the bed that will affect us only in good ways.

This comfort can be brought by a collection of beautiful bed linen with a Dragon image mainly from satin and silk. A gentle, soft-touch can bring the most positive emotions to the person who sleeps in.

Worldwide over the past five thousand years, silk fabrics and silk products brought an exceptional blend of beauty, softness, durability, and incredible antiseptic properties, are considered to be luxuries.

Bedding made ​​of natural materials with a Dragon image on it is an exceptional gift for the Chinese New Year.

As we already mentioned Dragon is the talisman of 2012. In Eastern mythology, this symbol has such qualities as - excellent health and great energy. The coming year are advised to meet with the preferences of this magical animal - the master of the year.

Dragon is an restless and noisy animal, so in the house, where you will meet the year of Dragon should sound loud music, the guests should be happy, have fun and dance.

Clothes in this festive night should be catchy, with elements of green and red dragon creature design because he will appreciate the colorful costumes. And of course the gifts should be the souvenirs that will symbolize the dragon: figurines, statues, paintings, and many other gifts with a dragon image.

In old days, because of the large abundance of dishes on the table, people said, "... nowhere even put a candle holder ...” In order to avoid these problems we suggest you to choose and buy these amazing Dragon candle holders.

Candle holders are a classical decoration and exquisite gift for men and women for any celebration, but for the Dragon New Year the perfect candle holders are those with Dragon.

The tradition of giving gifts has its origin long ago. Gift ideas that would bring a lot of joy and satisfaction to the receiver it’s not so easy to choose.

If you want to make an unusual and original gift you can take into consideration this beautiful
Porcelan Tea Set Golden Dragon, made in Japan; buying online you can get them without leaving the house.

We bring to your attention some beautiful vases with Dragon image on it; they are all from the best manufacturers. As you know, the vase has been always considered an excellent setting for a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers bring a freshness and comfort of home. But any bouquet of flowers requires a certain vase, such as beautiful roses - they will look better in an original vase made ​​of glass or crystal, field flowers will feel perfect in a vase of ceramic.

Nowadays, it is not possible for the modern apartment or a house without flowers but the vase itself can be used like a beautiful home decoration.

Since ancient times, the vase is in addition to any interior. With the expansion of technical capabilities in our time, there appeared a large variety of beautiful classic and unusual shape vases.

Here you will find a suitable vase for the interior of your apartament, house or even office.There are vases of glass and crystal, porcelain, vases,ceramic and bronze. But no matter what vase with a dragon image you choose and buy, it will serve as a wonderful gift to relatives and friends.

In the interior of the cabinet or office every detail matters. Choosing the right picture, painting, or interior panels add a unique style. Emphasize the individuality and express incomparable taste with this Dragon painting.

Weapons and history has always go hand in hand. How many glorious pages of history is associated with a weapon, how many legends and myths passed down from generation to generation. On the weapons were written and composed songs stories.

Models of antique weapons combine the art of the past and the skills of our contemporaries that were able to repeat and recreate the masterpieces of the world of arms.

The tradition of giving swords is originated in ancient times. It is believed that this gift is truly royal, aristocratic and the most expensive in its significance.

Externally, souvenir weapons are nearly indistinguishable from its predecessors, but they can not hurt and harm.

Chinese souvenir weapon is an original souvenir or gift, a wonderful piece of furniture, the pride of the host. Dragon sword in white and green jade, symbolize purity and serenity. It has hand-carved dragons on both sides. Or you can take into consideration this Collectible Gentlemens Dragon Walking Stick with Sword.

Inexpensive gift but very beautiful, stylish and exclusively made for the office desk is Executive Gift Royal Chinese Emperor's Dragon Statue Letter Opener.

According to the old legend any dragon found with a pearl in its mouth is good luck, so this outstanding gift makes the owner lucky. Just having a look at it, you will be amazed by its exquisite sculptural detail!

In the East, crystal figurines with a variety of colors have their purpose. For example, red represents life and love, and blue - the confidence and seriousness. These Dragon crystal gifts will take their place and will please the eyes of their receiver.

Shine of Swarovski crystals is amazing, astonishing and fascinating.

A variety of dragon statues made with Swarovski crystals, will satisfy the tastes of any connoisseurs of this amazing stone both men and women.

The first store of Daniel Swarovski,violinist of Czech Bohemia,was opened in 1895, and after a few years Swarovski crystal diamonds were ordered by ladies from all over the world.

Crystals Swarovski isnotjust an imitation jewelry,this is truly a work of art, these crystals sparkle with hundreds of thousands of different colors.

A stunning effect is achievedby reflecting the incident light through a prism equal to fourteen faces of the crystal.

Souvenirs made ​​of Swarovski crystals will bring to the interior uniqueness, brilliance and luxury. Fill your home the beauty radiating from every product Swarovski. Choosing a Dragon gift or souvenir made ​​of Swarovski crystals will not be difficult due to the diverse assortment of these wonderful and unique interior pieces of art.

Cross 2012 Year of the Dragon Special Edition Collection. This Translucent Red Lacquer, Fountain Pen, with Fine 18KT gold nib will help you to celebrate the most powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac, Dragon.It embodies the powerful beauty and fiery spirit of the dragon with stunning etching and rich, high gloss finishes, and celebrates the dragon’s the truly deserved place as the imperial symbol with consideration to the smallest details that craftsmanshipmanaged to back for a lifetime.

A truly one of a kind unusual and exotic gift also an antique and collectible one of Liangzhu Culture is Jade Offering Vessel Dragon Handle.

"Dragons have major spiritual importance in religions and cultures; they are associated with wisdom and longevity, possessing magic, supernatural power, capable of human speech and are often associated with wells, rain and rivers. Jade is a symbol of love, virtue and status. Ancient people believed it the essence of Heaven and Earth, so they carved jade into birds, beasts and worshiped it as totems. Witchcraft applied jade as a percussion instrument since it sounded pleasing to the ear and traveled far. Jade became a musical instrument. Confucius concluded jade had 11 virtues, benevolence, fidelity, polite etiquette, wisdom and sincerity. It was not only a decoration but also a symbol of ethics and norms. Jade is cool to the touch and rings like iron when tapped. For 5,000 years jade has been shaped by abrading with water and sand. It is the second strongest mineral next to diamond and was once considered more valuable than gold in the Orient. Mineralization from tomb moisture may be present and appear as a white crystallization on the surface. If jade has been laid on the body then the iron in blood turns it red (blood jade). When jade has laid on silver then it turns black." from Amazon.

Dragon Jewelry

Another great Dragon gift idea is to offer a piece of jewelry that will protect and bring good luck to the holder.

Gold and silver pendants previously were considered exclusively feminine jewelry. But over time things changed. All this is due to the appearance in our lives pendants of unique designs in all shapes and tastes. Of course, in spite of all this luxury men find it terribly difficult to stay away.

This pendant is for those who are always try to be in front of all, the sign of the approaching 2012, blue (water) Dragon will help you. It is an ancient symbol of the emperors of China, because it represents happiness and good fortune, high social status and good health. It is recommended as a gift to a loved one.

Dragon is considered the most powerful and mysterious character (Feng Shui). Pendant Dragon brings strength and protection to its owner, the owner gets an extra energy. Dragon multiplies the good, luck, protection from envious people. Business people should wear for business meetings a Dragon pendant that will give strength and determination in their actions.

Dragon - one of the most victorious, strongest and happiest years of the Eastern calendar. Dragon is a fighter and a winner. This symbol helps to achieve new heights in the work and career. Good luck to everyone!


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    • nikipa profile image

      nikipa 6 years ago from Eastern Europe

      Thank you Jhosler! Glad you like them! :)

    • jhosler profile image

      jhosler 6 years ago

      Very cute gifts.


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