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Dreamworks Dragon Costumes

Updated on August 12, 2012

Are you a fan of the movie How to Train Your Dragon? It is becoming popular again by the new television series on the Cartoon Network. Dreamwork's Riders of Berk animated series is supposed to lead us right up to the sequel of How to Train your Dragon! This series takes us back to Berk where there is a new problem, being overrun with Dragons! We will have to "toon" in to see how Hiccup and his friends handle this new issue! We all love Toothless and his gang of misfit dragons. Let's celebrate them this Halloween ( or anytime) with Dreamworks Dragons costumes!

The Night Fury

The Night Fury is perhaps the most popular dragon of all! Toothless, the cat like dragon captured our hearts and imaginations! Night Fury's are rare! They are said to be the most intelligent of all dragons. The are sleek and fast. This is probably due to it's impressive wingspan. His speed may also be attributed to the fact he has no spiny scales on him. His skin is smooth and sleek to promote a sleek flight! Pictured above this is a full costume with mask, wings and tail. Check here for the Night Fury How to Train Your Dragon Costume.( as well as the rest of the Train Your Dragon Costumes!)

Get your little one ready for some scaring good fun in this How to Train Your Dragon Night Fury Costume for toddlers. The outfit is sporting three pieces and comes in shades of dark blue. There is a cute little Toothless face on the hood and the words Night Fury are on the patch on the jacket. Comes in sizes 4T or smaller. Made of fire resistant material. Also available are the the How to Train Your Dragon Toddler Gronkle Costume.

The Monstrous Nightmare

This dragon is the evil villain in the movie How to Train your Dragon, He has a very scary presentation. He is able to coat himself in fire before he attacks! The Monstrous Nightmare is a full length costume with mask tail and wings. The size shown is medium. These costumes are running out so be sure to order yourMonstrous Nightmare Dragon Costumesoon!

The Deadly Nadder is known for his birdlike appearance. He has many venomous spikes on his tail. He is said to rattle his spikes and make a sound much like a rattlesnake before attacking. This dragon is said to have the hottest fire in the dragon world. The Deadly Nadder costume comes in a size husky 10-12. This will assure for a nice roomy fit! The Costume comes with a body suit, wings and a mask. Although the box says for boys I am sure a few girls may find this costume fun to wear! ( venomous spikes and fire not included !)

Be the hero you always wanted to be. This Hiccup costume sports a viking look. It comes with a shirt with an attached vest. The pants come with attached boot tops. And no viking look would be complete with out sporting a Viking Helmet. This particular product comes in a boys husky size 10-12.

The Gronkle

The Gronkle Dragon is a fierce warrior. In fact he is supposed to be the toughest dragon in the world! He has many sharp fangs and can fly. This dragon measures about 14 feet long and is usually brown or green.His wings may be small but they are said to hum around just like a bee's or humming birds wings. Gronkles have been know to fall asleep while in flight and only wake up after crashing into a tree or cliff. The Gronkle dragon costume is also available. It comes in a boys husky size 10 to 12. Included in this costume is a full length body suit, a mask and a pair of wings.

Do you love Dreamworks and their characters? There are many fun Halloween inspired costumes by Dreamworks!

Who is your favoirte dragon?

Who would you like to dress up like this year?

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