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Tuxedos Are NOT the Groom's Only Option: Dress For Wedding Success!

Updated on October 6, 2015
This is NOT a tux!
This is NOT a tux!

Formalwear/Tux Rules

The dress that’s proper for the groom depends on the formality of the wedding whether formal, semi-formal or informal.

Tuxes are not worn before 5 p.m. "Tails" are reserved for only the most formal of evening occasions, the type you'd attend at the White House, for example.

Informal weddings, held anytime of day, require dress that reflects the occasion. For example, an informal wedding held on the beach, demands casual chic beach attire.

Read on to see what your options are!

The elegant "stroller"!
The elegant "stroller"!
The "white dinner jacket".
The "white dinner jacket".

Semi-Formal or Formal Weddings

Semi-formal morning or afternoon weddings require a "cutaway" (see first photo on page) or "stroller". They're debonair, different and proper. Dark blue suits are also appropriate with white or ivory shirts, and subtle striped or navy tie. A boutonniere makes the outfit.

Semi-formal evening weddings require tuxedos, or white dinner jackets (if the wedding is held in tropical climates or in summer). The latter gives the groom a lighter look.

Formal weddings, held in the evening, demand tuxes and/or white dinner jackets (if the wedding is held in tropical climates or in summer), only. 

When it comes to weddings, credit cards are the "insurance policy" in your wallet!
When it comes to weddings, credit cards are the "insurance policy" in your wallet!

Tips for Tux/Formalwear Success!

* Always use a credit card to make deposits and pay the balance due. They are your insurance policy in your wallet.

* Be aware of "shop at home" tuxedo services. When it comes to weddings, it's better to rent from a reputable shop.

* Always take out tuxedo insurance, available from the rental shop. You never know what can happen at a wedding, which may damage a tuxedo/formalwear-and they're expensive to replace.

* Get everything in writing in a receipt.

* Be sure to try on ALL formalwear at the shop, when you pick it up. If you get to the wedding and parts of the outfit are missing, you're out of luck!

Deb's Advice

The above information is strictly a guideline but one that gives your groom options. Take a look at the cutaway and stroller and the gorgeous "James Bond" look of the white dinner jacket. You might be pleasantly surprised.

The good news is that the groom can look different! You have options!

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