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Dumbledore's Christmas Celebration

Updated on September 7, 2011

Dumbledore had not planned on much of a Christmas celebration. The move to another city took a toll on finances as did missing out on an expected raise but we keep our hopes up and do what we can. The little princess is now living around family who love her and this should help quite a bit. She stays busy with family and there are the Christmas shows to keep the spirits up.

We discarded the artificial Christmas tree we used for the past decade when we moved;  we couldn’t fit everything on the truck and since we moved in April, Christmas was a long way off.  Decorations were not planned but we made an exception and found a Christmas tree for twenty dollars and some lights for another twelve.  We did hang onto some decorative nick knacks and tree ornaments so these completed the tree ensemble.  Some decorative ribbon, a wreath, and a couple bows will give a festive atmosphere to the entrance to the house.  No lights are going up outside so we can lower the electric bill somewhat but the decorations we put up can be seen during the day. 

All in all, the house does portray a Christmas spirit, there is no need to make extravagant preparations.  In fact, the dining room is now the Christmas room.  No Scrooge or Grinch here.  You do not need to spend plenty of money to maintain the holiday spirit.  I took our little girl to an ornament making activity and she created some unique creations.  Her touch is apparent around the house.   You can be hospitable and friendly and keep costs down.  Perhaps next year we will go all out but for now, we will make do with what we have and enjoy the Christmas season.

We are planning a couple holiday excursions to enjoy the sights.  We will take the little princess out to admire some of the more light displays in our area and will visit the annual train display at one of the local attractions.  Time with family will round out the holidays.  Since my student’s will be on break over the holidays I will be able to take the rest of my vacation time between Christmas and New Years.  My little princess should enjoy the extra attention and some quality time with her father.  Christmas is, after all, a time to celebrate a very special gift from above so spending time with family is what the season is all about.

Last year we traveled to my sister’s home for Christmas and spent the week. The family spent a warm holiday together, although I had to work except for the holidays themselves. This year, however, we will not be taking an extended trip so we may enjoy the season without the concern.

One major concern over the holidays is what to serve on Christmas and New Years. On Christmas we will either have a turkey or ham depending on who cooks. On the other hand, New Years is easy. We always serve pork, sour kraut, and mashed potatoes.

Published: December 10, 2010


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