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10 Unique Ideas for Dyeing Easter Eggs (Silk Ties, Shaving Cream, Koolaid and More)

Updated on March 14, 2022

The Easter egg! What can one say about this iconic object? It is probably one of the symbols most associated with the holiday, Easter.

According to, “The egg, an ancient symbol of new life, has been associated with pagan festivals celebrating spring. From a Christian perspective, Easter eggs are said to represent Jesus' emergence from the tomb and resurrection. Decorating eggs for Easter is a tradition that dates back to at least the 13th century…”

Despite the historical premise, Easter eggs and decorating them are a century’s old tradition and although for a few bucks you can grab the cheap kit from the local superstore, you can, like a brave few, get a bit more creative and try a new and different idea. The research is done for you.

Here are ten unique and different ideas to try:

1. Dyeing Easter Eggs with Silk Ties

This method takes of bit of effort, but is super, super cool! If you can imagine the old ties that Dad has in his closet or that the thrift store has for a dime impressed on an egg, you can see that this method is distinctive. If you want a handsome egg...

Find the Directions Here:

2. Dyeing Easter Eggs with Onion Skins

My Grandmother's eggs always looked different than my Mother eggs. They were not very colorful, but they matched the character of the old farm she kept. The older generation often used whatever they had on-hand. Dyeing Easter eggs with onions is a tradition from different cultures (Romanian, Greek, my Grandmother was German). If you want to ramp up the family tradition ...

Find the directions here:

3. Dyeing Easter Eggs with Kool-Aid

Oh, can you get any better than this? A childhood staple, Kool-Aid is still inexpensive and makes some of the most vibrant colors. A side benefit – the smell. With this method, you’ll enjoy a “fruity smell” as you experiment with some of your favorite flavors. Hmmmmm… I wonder what strawberry kiwi would be like. If you are wondering...

Find these directions here

4. Dyeing Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

Who is looking for the fun factor? I remember my children loved playing with shaving cream when they were little. This method lets participants have the fun of dyeing eggs while running their digits through the smooth, whipped substance most have in their bathroom cabinets. The results are sort of a 70’s “oh wow” tye-dyed look. If you don’t mind a bit of a mess…

Find the directions here:

5. Decorating Easter Eggs with Pressed Flowers

Now this is getting really crafty, but maybe you’re a flower presser in the first place. This is for those flower lovers who don’t mind a little prep work, but want a touch of nature in their egg basket. If you have access to some flowers and feel like getting artistic…

Find the directions here:

6. Decorating Easter Eggs the Ukrainian Way

“Pysanky,” according the directions site, “is the ancient Eastern European art of egg decorating, of which the Ukrainian version is arguably most famous (and is covered in this website). The name comes from the verb to write, as you use a stylus (called a kistka) to write with wax on the eggshell." You will again want to plan ahead for this project, but it is detailed and beautiful. For those looking for a challenge…

Find the directions here:

7. Decorating Easter Eggs with Lace

Feeling “Martha Stewart” – try decorating Easter eggs with lace. Martha’s site says, “take hard-boiled eggs to new heights by embellishing them with lacy patterns” and includes a video. If you’re feeling Martha and want a delicate and classy twist to decorating this year….

Find the directions here:

8. Decorating Easter Eggs with Natural Stuff you Might Have Around the House

How fun is this link? Dyeing eggs with stuff that you find around your house. Did you ever think of using canned blueberries, lemon peel or spinach leaves to dye your Easter eggs? This site lists numerous different items you might try to obtain different colors. I suppose in the days before Easter egg coloring kits, this is what some folks resorted to – if you want to resort as well….

Find the directions here:

9. Decorating Easter Eggs with Tissue Paper

Don’t feel like messing with cups of liquid – trying this dyeing method that uses tissue paper and a spray water bottle. This method (presented by video) is so easy it almost seems too easy. But with a little drying time, you’ll end up with a mosaic egg that did not take a whole lot of effort or costly materials. So get some colored tissue paper and take it easy by…

Finding the directions here:

10. Marbling your Easter Eggs

“The principle behind these spectacular Easter eggs is simple,” says Cheri Sicard on Fabulous, “oil and water do not mix.” That’s the secret behind this egg experiment that will produce a new design every time. Want to locate your marbles…

Find the directions here:

Happy Dyeing, oh creative ones!

Easter eggs dyed with onion skins.
Easter eggs dyed with onion skins. | Source

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