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Early Christmas and Carolin

Updated on October 7, 2013

Christmas. Who doesn’t love Christmas time? Who doesn’t love the smell of sponge cake, eggnog, Christmas tree and fireworks smoke? Who doesn’t love all the glitter and Santa Clauses everywhere… EVERYWHERE!, the traffic jam, the throng of people at every corner and, especially in every gift shop? Who doesn’t love all the cheap, over-commercial and the same carols from every shop? Who doesn’t love all the same old and lame messages ( that nobody cares about to give, except that single night) that we give and receive in Christmas Eve?

It’s November, you stay comfortable in your house watching TV, with leaves falling on your porch, with autumn knocking at your window and suddenly: BOOM! A dozen trucks with prints of a fat, old man, with red cheeks, like he’s drunk or something, winking at you. That’s just odd.

What do you like the most in Christmas?

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Personally, when that happens, I feel like going shopping for Christmas… than I remember that there are like 2 months until Christmas and I switch the channel where, strangely I hear a commercial with a carol in it. Damn!

Why does the Christmas time lasts like 3 months? It begins like 2 months before Christmas and it ends somewhere in January. Pathetic consumerism is pathetic.

Carol singers. We all love carol singers… except when they come caroling at our houses. Admit it. Sometimes you pretend that nobody’s home, you shut down the TV and you stay still, expecting them to go away. You imagine them listening at your door, with a glass to amplify the sound, then you stop breathing. It’s like if they’ll hear a sound from inside, they’ll be like: Guys, it’s someone in. bring the axes and bazookas and let’s break the door so Christ can be welcomed!! FOR CHRISTMAS! That’s just stupid.


Talking about carols, I hated when my parents used to make me go caroling our relatives and neighbors first (expecting that they’ll give me more money that an average person). My parents even called my relatives to inform them that I’ll go caroling so they will welcome me inside and my uncle was like: ok. Fuck, yeah.. send him to us. Damn.

Or, as a kid, you probably wrote to Santa to bring you the last Gameboy game and you even prayed for it and you were careful to be good and helpful all through the year and waited patiently when, in the Christmas morning you wake up with the desire to rip off some present wrapping paper. With all the excitement in the world you do so to find yourself disappointed and hating Santa Claus for getting a green sweater with embroidery grey reindeers on it.

As a friend of mine used to say, before he was decapitated, brace yourselves, winter is coming. (RIP Ned Stark!)

By the way, I know that it’s only October, I wanted to say: Merry Christmas!


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