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Chronic April Holidays: Easter 4/20/2014

Updated on March 13, 2012

Move over Cadberry Bunny!

If Phat Friday weren't good enough, Easter 4/20 is going to be plenty!

The nearest year it's going to happen is 2014, and then it won't happen again until easter 4/20/2020. So make sure your eggs are green, you have plenty of corned beef hash and you spend lots of time celebrating the beautiful blossoms of spring time.

How will you celebrate?

The question isn't whether someone should celebrate Easter 4/20, it's how should they celebrate Easter 4/20?

You could....

#1: Have an Adult Egg hunt with Chocolate Ganja Easter Eggs

#2.Have a special Easter Pot lock

#3. Write some stories about Peter Hempytail

#4. Make some special cookies in the shapes of rabbits, ducks and eggs

#5. Play a unique trivia game about various facts about 4/20 and Easter throughout time

#6. Have an Adult marathon of Bugs Bunny (with your own 4/20 twist)

Personally, I would much rather have cannabis layered treats then much of the teeth rotting candy that the corps promote. It's better for everyone all around, and I bet a few good ganja treats will help you have the best Easter and 4/20 you've ever had. At least until 20/20!


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