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Easter Activities for Teachers to Use in the Classroom

Updated on March 28, 2015

Easter Packet

This fun, time-saving packet is 10 pages long and includes an answer key. The pages are beautifully put together with a variety of engaging activities that will keep students busy and motivated. There is a wordsearch with words that remind us of springtime, a gorgeously decorated egg for coloring (all students love to color), and a blank egg for those who are inspired to try to design their own. There are several books about eggs that would easily go along with this activity. The Easter Egg by Jan Brett and Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco, are two of my favorites.

There is a crossword puzzle that will test your students' knowledge of Easter with some interesting facts they may not know. There are fill-in-the-blank letter spaces for words that share the theme of growth. A page of math problems that challenge students to use multiplication and division in multi-steps offers a great review of math learned. True of False questions with unusual facts will keep students guessing. Parts of speech are reviewed by prompting students to think of verbs, nouns and adjectives that begin with the letters in "Easter". And students love the task of thinking of as many words as they can using only the letters in the words "Spring Break".

Saving Time and Money

There are so many great products on Teachers Pay Teachers that save time and money for teachers. That's why it has been so successful. Why spend hours creating something that has already been created for you? Many items are free and the ones that have a price are priced low. The best part is, the products are digital and download instantly providing teachers with materials at their fingertips. Sunday night lesson plans are made more bearable with this great resource. Try it out!


Easter packet with 10 fun activities includes:
1. Easter word search
2. How many words can you make?
3. Egg coloring sheet
4. Design your own egg
5. Easter parts of speech
6. Crossword puzzle
7. True or false?
8. Bookmarks to color
9. SPRING word completion
10. Easter math problems
Answer Key

Bookmarks to Color

Here is another time-saving product created for teachers to use in a multiple of ways. These detailed bookmarks can be printed on cardstock and used as rewards. Giving students the opportunity to color is a wonderful thing. Students find coloring to be relaxing and enjoyable; it provides a great break from the usual routine.

Bookmarks to color can be kept as a time-filler for those unplanned time periods when instruction has to be interrupted. They can be a life-saver at the end of a fieldtrip, after taking those long SOL tests and on field day or after a classroom party to get students settled and transition back into instruction.

These printable bookmarks make great centers in the classroom. Students will be more motivated to complete their work if they know they can visit a center of interest - coloring always makes for a great center!


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