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Easter Baskets for Preschoolers

Updated on December 11, 2016

I have had some fun over the years making themed Easter baskets for my preschooler. I usually take the movies he is most interested in and make an Easter basket from it. . The following are a few of the baskets I have had success with . I usually incorporate one DVD of interest and base the rest of the basket around it. Sometimes you cna find plush animals on the Internet at a cheaper price. I may even include a shirt or pajama set with the characters on it if the price is right. I want my Easter basket to be nice but I really don't want to go over the top! Toys such as bubble guns are usually a cheap way to fill the basket too. Easter Eggs filled with goodies add extra excitement. I usually keep with the traditional Easter candy. Here are some ideas for some themed Easter Baskets for your little one ! Have Fun!

The Land Before Time Easter Basket

My Toddler has outgrown this a little but still plays with the stuffed animals. I got him a set of three little plushies, (Chomper, Littlefoot and Sarah) and a DVD to add to his collection. He was impressed on how the little characters were peeking out of the cellophane wrap. I filled the rest of the basket with your typical Easter Candy. Oh and I did add a dinosaur egg that fizzes in the bath tub.

Spongebob Squarepants

So Maybe your toddler is a fan of ol Spongebob. It seems most four years old are! I couldn't help but do a Spongebob themed basket. There are gobs and gobs of Spongebob items out there. I tried to stay away from the not so useful items and trued to stay with practical Spongebob items. ( yeah I know Spongebob and Practical don't go in the same sentence!) I start out with a DVD and then maybe a Spongebob shirt or PJ's A Spongebob bubble blower may be good or a Spongebob puzzle. There is a lot of stuff out there that is labeled Spongebob that is just junk. More fillers for your basket may include Spongebob Bubble bath and of course Crabbie Patties!


 Playmobil offers some of the coolest action figures for young kids today.  My son was absolutely infatuated with the Playmobil pirates set with an a octopus.  Maybe it was the fact there was an octopus in the set or the fact that he could squirt his mom with the octopus.   Playmobil has more than just action sets, there are DVDs' and books to go along with it.Playmobils seem to capture the young one's imaginations!  This will be the Easter basket I put together for my son this year!  You will have to pick the them form the plymobil action figures.  My son seems to be into the pirates.  Maybe your young one is more into dragons!

Playmobil Easter Eggs ( Eggstras)

Take a look at this great Easter egg idea! Playmobil has come up with the idea of eggstras. Eggstras are plastic eggs with a Playmobil toy surprise in them. The Playmobil Easter Eggs featured here are the knight and the Playmobil panda.  There are several more to choose from at the links.

The Easter Bunny

Although you can do a little different twist on Easter Baskets nothing trumps the Easter Bunny. When it comes down to it, what is an Easter Basket without a giant chocolate Easter Bunny anyway? Once again there are numerous items you can buy you just have to take the time to buy something that is going to be used more than once! A plush Easter Bunny makes any Easter Basket complete! You can choose from many varieties. Easter Books are always good. Even a pair of Bunny Slippers would be a cute and practical addition. You can carry out the bunny theme to include other bunnies too. Your child like chocolate milk? Get him or her something with the Nestle Quick Bunny. If your child knows who Bugs Bunny is you could include a couple of Bugs Bunny items. Even Thumper or a few books with Thumper would make a cute Easter Basket. Easter Candy is standard. Fill with the traditional Marshmallow peeps if you like.

Everyone loves Marshmallow peeps! They come in pink ducks and yellow ducks. I have even seen them as bunnies! This marshmallow treat is covered with sugar and has been a favorite Easter basket item!

Chocolate Bunnies are an Easter tradition. Growing up it used to be THE one item I would look forward to seeing in the basket. The size and the type of Chocolate Easter Bunny made all the difference.

I like this Flop Eared chocolate Easter bunny. And you know why? Because of the ears! Everyone knows you eat the ears first and these ears are huge and just begging to gobbled up! This Flop Eared Easter Bunny can be bought in white chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate. It is seven ounces with sugar eyes!

Check out The Belfine Dark Chocolate Easter Bunny.  He may be small but he sure is cute!  This 2.5 ounce dark chocolate bunny has a lot of detail!  He has white eyes a white ear and a light brown nose and tail.


Yep, hes red, he's funny and his voice could get on your nerves after a while.. but preschoolers like him,. Elmo of Sesame Street has been a big hit with kids over the last decade. It would be very easy to compile a basket of your child's favorite Elmo things into one Easter Basket. he Good thing about Elmo is he is usually educational so you don't have to worry about getting into a lot of junk. Have fun filling your Easter basket of up with red !

Mickey Mouse

You can't go wrong with a basket full of Mickey Mouse Items! Mickey and his pals have a DVD where they go on a hunt for lost Easter Eggs. Very cute story that would go great in any Easter basket. Check out the 17 inch plush of Mickey holding an Easter egg. Additional ideas for basket add a View-master or some View master disks of your favorite Disney Characters!

Premade Baskets

 Don't have time to put together a basket for your little one?  You can purchase them right here already made.  The Easter basket  to the right contains a Plush Fluffy Sitting Bunny with Carrot, Madelaine Milk Chocolate Bunny Hop Hunt Game, Fun Size Easter M&M's, Chocolate Eggs, Easter Egg-Shaped Swirl Pops, Jelly Beans in Cellophane Carrot Gift Wrap, Jelly Belly Bunny Corn, Dairy State Foods Easter Sprinkled Animal Shaped Cookies, Easter Springtime Activity Pad - 48 pages (includes coloring, pages, games and puzzles), Easter Crayons, Bright Printed Easter Eggs, Easter Card Game (Go Fish, Hearts or Old Maid)

M&M Boyd's Bear

 I found this while researching this hub and couldn't resist putting on here.  Look how cute the Blue M&M is in his bunny ears!  Made by Boyd Bears this little guy is painting eggs with the help of his friend Egglebeary!


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    • samboiam profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      Some wonderful ideas. Great job.

    • Winsome profile image


      8 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Ya just can't get enough of that Jelly Belly Bunny Corn. =:)


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