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Easter Bunny Figurines

Updated on September 21, 2012

OK You Bunny collectors...If you are looking to add to your Easter Bunny Figurine Collection than you have come to the right place., This site features some of the newest Easter Bunny figurines on the market. There are several on this site by Heartwood Creek, Bethany Lowe and Herend


Jim Shore has been sculpting his own figures for Heartwood Creek for some time now. This stately Easter Bunny hold an egg is consistent with the same Jim Shore Style. A colorful fellow is this hand carved  stone Resin sculpture  Stands 9. 5 inches tall in his blue jacket and purple pants. This Easter bunny is a little dapper with egg in one hand and a cane in the other.

Four Seasons Rabbit with Basket

This Easter Bunny is a part of the Heartwood Creek Collection. Jim Shore made this Rabbit extra special. This Easter Bunny can bring in all four seasons with you by changing up his basket. In the springtime he can welcome the Spring with a Birdhouse. In the Summer he can hold a basket of flowers. In winter he can hold a wreath and in autumn he hold s a bountiful basket. This clever bunny stands 20 inches tall. A perfect centerpiece or window ornament. I think young children would really enjoy this rabbit! He stands on a platform so he can stand steady. Be sure to check out more of Jim Shores Collection. A few of the rabbits in his collection were not included in this hub because they were out of stock at the time it was written.

The Large Rabbit Figurine in Butterscotch fishnet is from the Herend Bunny Collection. It stands nearly one foot high. Herend Figurines come form one of the largest Porcelain figurine manufacturers in the world located in Germany. Anything form the Herend collection is for the serious collector as these items are very pricey! This rabbit is detailed in the classic Butterscotch fishnet design Herend is know for. There are many other rabbits and other animals available in the fishnet design in many different colors.  His little noise and feet are covered in 24 carat gold. This little guy stands a foot high on a porcelain platform. Reserve your very special place for him in your home today.

Jim Shore Easter 2010 Bunny Rejoice-Bunny With Church Scene

 Now lets not forget about the girl rabbits!  This one is jest beautiful.  She is dressed up and ready to go to church.  Her dress contains a intricate scene of a church on it.  Dressed in her best Easter Bonnet she is hold a basket of flowers.  This  is one of the Jim Shore 2010 Collection.  The title of this figure is Every Bunny Rejoice! No information on how tall but the shipping weight is  eight pounds.

Jim Shore Easter 2010 Easter Promenade-Mrs. Rabbit with Eggs Basket

 Here is another stately little lady who probably belongs to the other stately bunny mentioned previously, Mr. Bunny With Egg.  This is from Jim Shore's 2010 collection.  Mrs Rabbit with Eggs Basket stands 9.5 inches tall and is made of stone resin.  She is made in the Classic Heartwood design, with intricate patterns and colors.  She stands ever so proper on her resin base with her Easter hat on.

 Boyds Bears also puts out some very nice resin peices.  This little guy is Hopper B Dropasalot.  As depicted in the figurine he obviously has some troubles with keeping all his eggs in one basket ( hmm,, don't we all?)  He is very cute in his floppy ears and his big blue bow. He is from the 2003 Hopaslot Collection form Critters and Co.  There are not very many of these critters left so if you are interested you better hurry!

This Music box plays Try to Remember. This colorful carousel bunny rotates while playing the music. This very ornate bunny sits upon a carousel pole. It stands on a very colorful base. It is made by G. DeBrekht and named Hop Skip, Jump.  G DeBrekht is well known for his Holiday Collectibles

Charming Tails - After The Hunt

Shhh He's sleeping! This little guy must have hunted too hard and ate too much! This piece is Charming Tails, After the Hunt. It is made by Dean Griff's Charming tails Collection. It features a little bunny sleeping with a full belly in a broken Easter egg shell. Atop the shell is a small smiling snail watching him sleep. This a very cute and whimsical piece. It was part of the Spring Expressions line and introduced in 1995. It has been retired on 2002.

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Bunny/Wheelbarrow

 Another Stunning Piece by Jim Shore of Heartwood Creek.  This piece depicts a Bunny pushing an empty  wheelbarrow.  As true to the Jim Shore Style every piece of this resin sculpture is covered with ornate design.  It stands on a platform to assure it won't tip over. This piece stands a little over 8 inches tall.  It makes a good addition to any Spring decoration.  You could even put flowers in the empty wheelbarrow.

Do you Collect Rabbit Figurines?

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