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Easter Egg Decorating Kits

Updated on March 7, 2012

As an adult I realize Easter isn't quite so much about Easter eggs as it is something entirely different, but I can still remember being a kid and getting soooo excited when the local Acme started to put the Easter egg kits out. In fact, I would still get just as excited if you could actually get white eggs in the country I now live in, but you can only get brown eggs here and they don't color so easily. Nor can you get the shrinky dink type that fit onto all types of colored eggs, or I'd decorate them that way, even in my 30s! So if you live in the US or another country which offers fantastic types of Easter egg decorating kits, have a look at your options and get ready to do them eggs!

Dudleys Roll It Easter Egg Kit

They didn't have this sort of Easter egg kit when I was a kid and I have to say it looks pretty cool. The package comes with 5 colors and their color coordinated sponge rollers, the color dye tray and 10 egg holders. Kids will love to paint the eggs with the rollers and mix them up!

Dudleys Sports Egg Kit

Have you got an athlete or sports loving kid? If so they'll love these sports wrappit Easter eggs! The kit comes with an egg dipper, 12 sports wrappits, 5 dye tablets, a drying rack and 9 fun tops. These are great for anyone who loves football basketball, tennis and other sports!

Dunk an Egg Coloring Kit

Now I'm really showing my age here, but this was the most common sort of Easter egg coloring kit we had when I was a kid. The kit also comes with decals but it's the brilliant colors that make it so much fun! Dunk the egg in the dye and voila! Gorgeous Easter eggs!

Dudleys Easter Egg Stamp Kit

All kids love stamps so they're sure to love coloring their Easter eggs with cool Easter egg stamps. This would also be good for using on brown eggs. It comes with 5 reusable stamps, 5 stamp pads, 1 brush and 1 spoon.


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