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Easter Egg Hunting At Disney's California Adventure

Updated on March 11, 2016
Easter Egg Hunting At Disney's California Adventure.
Easter Egg Hunting At Disney's California Adventure.

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It is Easter time once again and I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like it came really fast this year. Don't get me wrong, I love Easter and in fact this Easter is eggstra special: it is also my Grandmother's birthday! Anyway, back to Disneyland. Last year I discovered that the park does egg hunts and I decided to do the one inside of Disneyland; so this year I decided to do California Adventure. If you want to take a peek into the one in Disneyland you can read my Hub Easter Fun At Disneyland. I really do love Disneyland during the spring. It is always so pretty with all of the blooms everywhere and I am currently working on a special spring time Hub. In the mean time I hope you enjoy this one and come along with me as I hunt for eggs inside of California Adventure!

Buying the hunt map.

The first thing you will need to do is to buy a map. You can get your map at the store right inside of the main entrance to the park. After I get my map I like to plan out the route on which I am going to go looking for eggs. I don't like to roam around aimlessly all day especially when there is a guide in my hand. Also this way I will get some time to go on some rides!

Let the hunt begin!

I decided to go clockwise around the park from where I bought the map on Buena Vista street. So that meant I started in Hollywood Land. The first egg was a little bit hard to find and it was really high up but it was a good start to the hunt and made me feel really accomplished once I found it!

I continued my way through Hollywood and found the next egg. This one was a little hard too because of the hint but once I located the truck the rest was easy! How cute is this one though?! Love the Minnie egg inside of the red truck!

I was not expecting the White Rabbit egg to be where it was. Most of the time the eggs are themed to where they are hidden so this kind of threw me a little. Still, I love that they use bunnies for the eggs because it is so perfect for Easter.

This one was by far the HARDEST egg to find in the whole hunt. It took a good 5 minutes with the help of some very nice cast members. I don't want to give too much away in case you will be going on the hunt.

I really loved the Cars Land part of this hunt. Not only is it one of my favorite parts of California Adventure but where they put the eggs was so cute!

This was another one that was hard to find because the clue on the map was not right. Since there is refurbishment going on in the park where this egg was suppose to be is not visible. So they moved it to a different spot and didn't tell anyone. Luckily we came across a nice cast member who explained to us why it was there. I think that is another really cool thing about doing the hunts. The cast members are so friendly and helpful and I really enjoy interacting with them.

Goofy was the last egg I found before hunting on Buena Vista Street. He was is a pretty cool spot too. If you have read my Hub from last year then you know that Goofy is not my favorite but where they placed him was perfect!

Daisy was the very last egg to find! This hunt was so much fun and I really enjoyed walking around the park. My mom came along and did the hunt with me this year again and she really liked it as well. It definitely put us in the Spring/Easter mood!

The prize!

Honestly I love the character eggs that they give you as a prize! Last year we had to randomly select one but this year the lady we bought our maps from not only let us pick our prize but we actually got to pick them before the hunt so we didn't have to go back. I instantly told her the Stitch egg because he is my favorite Disney character and my mom opted for the Cheshire Cat egg. They both are so adorable!

So which hunt is better?

Both hunts are really fun! For me I would have to say I liked the California Adventure hunt better only because I am less familiar with CA than Disneyland. When I say this I don't mean that I don't know where everything is, I just am more familiar with the other park because it has been around longer. Also California Adventure is a smaller park so getting to each egg is super easy! I definitely recommend doing both if you have never done them before.

Do you want to go Easter egg hunting at Disneyland or California Adventure?

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Easter Goodies Inside The Park

Both parks have lots of cute Easter stuff. We came across these adorable cake pops that were being made. The girls inside were so sweet! When they saw me trying to take a picture, they turned them facing me and pushed them closer to the window. The cast members today were on a whole new level of awesomeness! I think there was something in the air. Anyway, there are lots of sweets goodies that would make anyone happy to get in their Easter basket.

© 2016 Lyndsay Gamber


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