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Easter For Grown Ups: How To Throw An Easter Party For Adults

Updated on March 21, 2014

Easter For Adults

It's no secret that Easter is one of those holidays where it seems to be all about the children. Some would say it has become overly commercialised, like Christmas - with the religious ideals of the holiday seemingly taking a step back to make way for masses of candy and chocolate eggs.

But that's not to say the holiday isn't, or can't be a fun time for all. This article lists some unusual and creative ways you can celebrate Easter by throwing an adults-only Easter party, complete with drinks, games and, of course - fancy dress.

'Easter For Grown-Ups' - I can see it catching on!

A Grown-Ups Easter Party At A Glance:

Costume Ideas
Games & Activities
Easter Bunny
Easter Egg Hunt (drinking game)
Pastel Coloured Streamers
Humpty Dumpty
Creme Egg Challenge
Easter Chick
Pass The Parcel (with cash instead of toys or candy in the layers)
Jars of Jellybeans & Cake Pops
Homemade Dress - made of candy wrappers
Musical Chairs (blindfolded)
Painted & Tie Dyed Eggs

First Things First: Send The Invitations

It wouldn't be a party without party guests, so the first thing to do is to send out the invitations.

This is your first chance to start getting really creative - so why not go all out and send your invitations inside chocolate eggs? This is surprisingly easy to do, and creates a great first impression, meaning that your guests will be more likely to accept your invitation.

You will need:

Easter Egg Moulds

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate

Piping Bag

Icing for Piping

Cellophane Wrap


I would suggest buying three or four Easter egg moulds, so that you can make multiple eggs at a time. These can be picked up for very little cost from most online confectionery stores or supermarkets.

Simply melt the chocolate, paint the moulds, wait for the chocolate to set and then seal the egg halves together with the invitation hidden inside. You could then pipe a message on the egg with icing - such as "Open Me" or "Look inside", so that your potential guests know to look inside the Easter egg. If you're not too great with piping, simply wrap the egg with cellophane, tie with ribbon and attach a gift tag with the same instruction.

Tip: Since you will be spending a little time moulding the eggs, it makes sense to buy some printed invitations, rather than making your own.

Make Sure You Specify Fancy Dress In Your Invitations


It Wouldn't Be A Party Without Fancy Dress

In my opinion, it wouldn't be an Easter party without the Easter Bunny. Any excuse to dress up in fancy dress and I take full advantage, make no mistake.

Get into the Easter spirit by setting the dress code as fancy dress. There are plenty of Easter costumes on the market for adults, and usually for a reasonable cost.

Or, if you're feeling particularly ambitious you could make your own - and even challenge your guests to do the same. A great way to encourage your guests to come dressed in fancy dress is to offer a prize for the best dressed guest.

Serve Your Easter Treats By Hosting An Indoor Picnic


Easter Food & Drink Ideas

When it comes to food and drink at your adult Easter party, I suggest keeping the food simple, and the drinks quirky.

Try traditional party food with a twist - invest in a cute picnic blanket (and even a picnic hamper if you're feeling flashy) and set out an indoor picnic for your guests.

This is very in-keeping with the theme of spring, and also sets a nice, informal tone for the party. This is, after all, a children's-style party with an adult twist - so allowing people to sit on the floor and help themselves to food is a no-nonsense and informal way of serving up your party treats.

Your drinks, on the other hand, should have the 'wow' factor.

Try Serving Easter Cocktails with Some Flair And Theatre


Fun & Quirky Easter Cocktails

Since this is a party for adults - you'll need to make sure that your guests have an array of interesting, tasty alcoholic drinks to choose from. Be innovative in your drinks creations, and don't be afraid to add a little theatre to your serves:

Easter Egg Chocolatini

  • Mix one shot of irish cream liqueur (such as Bailey's) with one shot of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, and 300ml of milk.
  • Shake together in a cocktail shaker with a teaspoon of sugar and some ice
  • Serve inside a chocolate egg - or inside a chocolate bunny (just chop his head off and pour the mixture inside) with a straw.

Spring Zing Cocktail

  • Mix one shot of cherry vodka, one shot of orange liqueur, 300ml of sweetened lime juice and a dash of grenadine
  • Shake together inside a cocktail shaker, with ice
  • Serve in a tall glass with sour sugar and grenadine around the rim
  • Garnish with a Marshmallow Peep

If you'd rather not spend time mixing cocktails for your guests, you can still give them an Easter themed drinking experience by creating some jelly bean vodka, and allowing them to either help themselves from the bottle (but remind them to drink responsibly!) or pouring out shot glasses and leaving them on a table for guests to help themselves.

To make jelly bean vodka, all you need to do is add jelly beans to a large bottle of vodka, and allow them to dissolve into the alcohol. This works best if you separate the different flavours of jelly beans - as the flavour will be much more sharp and the colour will be more attractive (mixing all flavours just results in a muddy brown colour - not at all pleasing to the eye).

The amount of jelly beans you add is up to you, but I would suggest a quarter cup of beans per one cup of vodka.

If you are going to go down this route then a little forethought is needed, as the vodka needs to be prepared ahead of the party, to allow time for the beans to dissolve.


Which Easter themed drink would you most like to try?

See results

Entertain Your Guests With An Easter-Egg Hunt (Drinking Game)


You're Never Too Old For Party Games!

All parties need drinking games - and it wouldn't be Easter without a good old-fashioned egg-hunt. So why not combine the two? Here's how:

1) Hide your eggs around your house, garden (or dorm if you're in college) and attach a small note to each egg. You can pop the notes inside each egg if they are the hollow, plastic kind.

2) Give your guests a time limit to find as many eggs as they can. I suggest no more than five minutes, because this will add a higher level of urgency and excitement as people rush around screaming like children, desperate to be the one who emerges victorious (trust me, I've seen it happen).

3) When the five minutes is up, call your guests back and have them present their eggs. Go around the room, asking your guests to open the notes attached to each egg, one by one.

4) The notes should include instructions (drink one shot of jelly bean vodka for example) and forfeits. You can be as mischievous as you like when it comes to thinking up your forfeits - after all, you know your audience better than me. But make sure that they are realistic for your guests. 'Do a lap of the garden with no clothes on' might be a perfectly acceptable forfeit for some crowds, but not others. It's your duty as a host to make sure that they are fair.

5) Each person gains 1 point per egg, and 1 point per completed forfeit. Once all the notes have been opened and all forfeits completed, tally up the points and crown your winner!

Remember, offering up a prize for the winner is usually a sure way to awaken your guests' competitive streak, and ensure full participation.

For Those Who Dare: Try The Creme Egg Challenge

It's amazing how competitive people can be (especially after a few shots of jelly-bean vodka), so I suggest offering this activity as an optional extra at your grown-up Easter party, if the Easter egg hunt wasn't enough excitement.

This won't be everybody's cup of tea - but I'll bet there are one or two guests who feel confident enough to rize to the challenge (especially if you offer a prize).

Very basically - the challenge involves eating as many Cadbury's Creme Eggs as you can in one minute. This is actually a Guinness World Record challenge, so there are certain rules that need to be adhered to if you're making a World Record attempt - which can be found here

Who knows, maybe you'll create history, and crown a new World Record holder?

Give It A Go

Change things up this Easter and host your own adults-only Easter party, by taking some of the ideas in this article - and of course, adding your own activities and grown up party games.

If you're in need of inspiration for what party food to serve, or fancy making your own decorations instead of buying them - then check out sites like Pinterest (or indeed Hubpages) for ideas, inspiration and step-by-step guides.

Happy Easter!


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