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Easter Fun At Disneyland

Updated on April 12, 2015
Easter Fun at Disneyland
Easter Fun at Disneyland | Source

This year has got off to a fast start and I can't believe Easter is almost upon us. I love Easter: the pastel colors, bunnies, eggs, and all the fun that comes along with it! I discovered last year that Disneyland has Easter egg hunts and while I found out too late last year to participate I made sure I wouldn't miss it this year. I had never really gone to the park so close to Easter before so it was really fun to see what they did for it. Like I have said before the main holidays (Halloween and Christmas) they go all out but with the other holidays there typically a few things going on but not nearly as much.

The first thing I did when entering the park was purchasing a map for the egg hunt. Now before you get all mad that you have to buy it in order to participate I want to say two things: 1. it is only five dollars and you get a prize at the end, 2. you don't have to buy a map to look for the eggs you can look over the park; the map just tells you where they are so it is easier.

The Easter egg hunt map and stickers.
The Easter egg hunt map and stickers. | Source

So here is how the hunt works. You will receive a map and a set of cute egg character stickers. On the map there are empty eggs with a clue written inside of it. When you find the egg that matches the clue you place the corresponding sticker over the empty space. Once you have found them all you turn your map in and you get a prize!

The first egg found on Main Street. (Mickey)
The first egg found on Main Street. (Mickey) | Source

Here is the first egg I found! I actually happened to see him as I was waiting for my mom to use the restroom on Main Street before we even started the egg hunt. I found it funny that I just happened to look up and see him. I wasn't expecting the eggs to be so big but it was pretty adorable.

Donald Duck egg found.
Donald Duck egg found. | Source

The next egg we found was the Minnie egg. I decided not to include pictures of all of them because I don't want to give everything away incase you decided to go hunting yourself! I thought that the Donald egg was super adorable! He was in this nice grassy area by water with actual ducks floating around. Couldn't be a more perfect place to hide a Donald Duck egg right?

Thumper egg hiding in a tree.
Thumper egg hiding in a tree. | Source

I think that out of all the eggs the Thumper egg was my favorite! He is so adorable, perfect for Easter, and was hidden in one of my favorite spots in the park. It was so much fun searching for him and it was even more fun to see others looking for him while standing right underneath him.

White Rabbit Easter egg.
White Rabbit Easter egg. | Source

The White Rabbit was probably the hardest to find. The clue on the map is misleading and actually directs you the wrong part of the park. Luckily there was a very nice cast member who pointed us in the right direction.

My egg hunt prize for finding them all.
My egg hunt prize for finding them all. | Source

Once we had found all the eggs we went to go turn in our maps and collected our prize. There is a table set up in the beginning of Main Street. Once the cast members check your map you are then told to pick a color and based on the color you choose you are given a corresponding egg as a prize to take home. I have to be honest. I got Goofey. Goofey. I really hate Goofey. I have never ever been a fan of him. So when I got him as a prize I was really mad. My mom ended up with Pluto so I opted to take a picture of her egg instead because Pluto is way better than Goofey. I was also upset because the kid after me got Thumper and didn't even know who Thumper was. It was literally one of those palm-into-face moments.

To get the whole Goofey thing off my mind we decided to go on some rides, eat a few snacks, and check out what was going on at the Big Thunderland Ranch.

Big Thunderland Ranch
Big Thunderland Ranch | Source

Inside the ranch there were lots of spring flowers and lots of bunnies. They had three sections set up, each with a different bunny. There was Roger Rabbit, Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, and the Easter Bunny. You can go and take your picture with each character. There you can also decorate bunny cookies, make bunny ears to wear, and even watch eggs being painted. The painted eggs were by far the coolest!

Olaf bunny egg in Thunderland Ranch.
Olaf bunny egg in Thunderland Ranch. | Source

There were dozen of eggs already painted and I loved all of them. There was everything from villains to princesses, classic characters to Star Wars characters. The Olaf and the Little Mermaid were probably my top two.

Little Mermaid painted egg.
Little Mermaid painted egg. | Source

While walking through the crowds at Disneyland I couldn't help but notice that Spring was in full bloom! Everywhere I looked there were flowers and I just loved it. The roses were particularly beautiful in New Orleans Square; I had to stop and admire them.


On our way out of the park we walked by the candy store on Main Street and noticed that there were giant chocolate Easter eggs being made for purchase. From what I can tell they are cake on the inside and chocolate on the outside. Sounds delicious right? Plus they are super cute!

Chocolate eggs on Main Street USA.
Chocolate eggs on Main Street USA. | Source

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© 2015 Lyndsay Gamber


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