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Easter my way

Updated on January 21, 2012

Easter bunny with egg

What do you do for Easter?

I remember from my childhood that even though my family wasn't Christian or Catholic, we still celebrated Easter in our own way. It was fun, and most of all, it was with friends who actually did celebrate Easter. I remember coloring boiled eggs and decorating them with either designs or with stickers. I usually used to have the help of my neighbors who were very close friends of ours. I don't remember the first time I actually boiled and dyed the eggs. I just remember how fun it was. It was so much fun, that I did it again and again for most of my childhood and adolescence.

While most families go to church, pray for a while and then have a big feast after church with their family and friends, we just had the feasting and friends over for coffee and dessert in the evening. Every once in a while, our family friends would invite us over for the feast. Those were fun times. I used to enjoy whatever food was given to me.  Most of all, I would enjoy the company I was with, and be grateful that I was blessed with such good friends and family.

Now, because I live so far away from my parents' home, I don't get to go to those feasts. I don't get to spend time with those family and friends that are in the same area as my parents.  I also do not get to color those boiled eggs anymore. I guess I've grown out of the decorating eggs phase.  I just stay at home with friends and spend time with them. Isn't that what most holidays are meant for anyway, that is, to spend time with friends and family?

I'd like to hear how you spend the holidays.  What do you and your family/friends do for Easter? Any questions or comments are welcome.


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