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Easy Christmas Beaded Ornaments

Updated on January 7, 2016

I know most people would think it's too early to be talking about Christmas. I'm always doing random things and I'm a procrastinator by nature but I'm learning to get started early on holidays, especially holidays as big as Christmas. Here are a few examples of easy Christmas Ornaments made with beads. I've found that it is always easier to make your own ornaments and save a little money. I always try to incorporate my kids into my crafts because they love doing crafts too. This is a simple and easy craft for them to do and you get to spend some quality time with them in the process.

A Christmas Angel
A Christmas Angel | Source

What You Will Need:

1. pipe cleaner (color of your choice)

2. beads (pony beads work perfectly)

3. craft string

Below is an example of different Candy Cane Beaded Ornaments. You can use solid colored beads or clear beads. All you have to do is bead the pipe cleaner. I recommend using a half of a pipe cleaner. After you have finished beading the pipe cleaner the, curve your beaded pipe cleaner at the top and tie a small piece of craft string or ribbon (silver or gold) at the top. Make a knot at the end of your string and hang on the tree. Make sure to twist and curve the ends of the pipe cleaner.

These are a few simple choices to choose from.  Stars, Christmas Trees, and beaded wreaths.
These are a few simple choices to choose from. Stars, Christmas Trees, and beaded wreaths. | Source

Wreaths are another easy Christmas ornament to make with pipe cleaner and beads. You could use traditional Christmas colors or use the colors of your choice. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and start beading the pipe cleaner with the bead pattern of your choice. After you have finished beading the pipe cleaner, curve the beaded pipe cleaner into a circle and connect the ends of the pipe cleaner together. Take your craft string or craft ribbon and tie it around your wreath. Knot it at the end and hang it on your tree.


This is a simple wreath ornament made with ribbon and pony beads. The pony beads are actually just beaded onto the ribbon and the ribbon is tied into a bow at the end of the beads. This is my favorite!



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    • Mommiegee profile image

      Mommiegee 5 years ago from Alabama

      Awwh, thanks Au fait. And yes, it's best to start early and it is a great time to spend quality time with kids. Thanks for the votes, sharing, and welcoming me to HubPages. So kind of you

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 5 years ago from North Texas

      I love Christmas ornaments and the handmade ones that people make themselves or with their children are the best! Think my favs that you are showing here are the Christmas tree and the white wreath with gold and pearl pony beads, but they are all very nice.

      This is a good time of year for a hub about this too, because people who do most of their own Christmas crafts must start early to be done in time.

      Really enjoyed your hub. I love hubs about crafts, especially inexpensive easy crafts. Voted you UP, useful, interesting, and beautiful. Sharing this hub with my followers -- and welcome to hubpages!

    • Mommiegee profile image

      Mommiegee 5 years ago from Alabama

      Thanks alocsin. They're very easy and cheap to make. See you then!

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      What beautiful ornaments. I'll return to this hub come Christmas. Voting this Up and Beautiful.