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Christmas Gifting

Updated on October 7, 2016

Holidays are HERE!

We know the holiday season is fast approaching and the decision between spending on a ski vacation, or spending on good presents for that big family of yours is becoming a question in your head!

Here's the fix, at the end of the season and the day, it is your thought that matters and honestly, presentation is everything for the person receiving the gift. Here is how to get a away with presentation and cut your budget in half.

So Many Ways to Get Away With A Cheap Gift!

1. Find a dollar store! ... yes it is cheap..,but if you think about where their stuff comes from, it's from the store that rips you off when it's only worth a couple bucks. So listen to me on this one. Now don't take my advice and run with it, you need to carefully plan for what you're trying to make and buy accordingly, because some stuff in those stores are plain trash you don't need at all.

2. Find all assortments of Christmas bags, tissue paper, cute boxes, and bows! This is the presentation I was talking about in the beginning. Buy anything that will make it look like a festive surprise to open on the day of and others will enjoy watching them open it. (Writing a list of all the people you are buying for helps so you don't overspend).

3.Next, find little trinkets that are interesting! Nail polishes and lip glosses for the girls, toys and cars for the boys! At this point you choose what goes in to the baggies. I receive a monthly glam bag. Every month I put aside something I wont use and when the time comes I add it on to the gift!

4. Have you head of the app SHOPKICK?
Shopkick is an app on the phone you can download and when you go out to any store you turn it on to gain "kicks", which are points you save up to redeem for gift cards. I saved up 1,250 points real quick in about 2 weeks and got a $5 Starbucks card. Now I know this is nothing, but who gives you $5 for nothing?!

5. Find interesting books on sale? cheap clothes at a nice store that are out of season? If you can pull off any small purchases like this and put them aside it makes for a great gift! I also suggest starting to add to your savings before September hits that year. An extra $5 a month to savings will get you at least 1-2 presents you can afford by the end of December.

Once at home and sorting everything out for everyone, decide what you can fit in each bag and what you would need to add to their gift. Think about who would appreciate your simple,but decorative chocolate chip cookies or perhaps:

*A book you found at a sale in the library and wrapped in decorative paper

*CANDY! because everyone loves it, and one bag of candy covers all the smaller baggies you need to fill for gifting

*Nail Polish, Lip Gloss, and a $5/$10 treat to Jamba Juice/Starbucks/Einsteins... etc.

*If you know what phone they have then a phone case they would like (Cheapest ones are on sale all the time on or Groupon!)

*Walmart has the cutest gift sets as in body, shower, beauty products for about $10 each

*A cookie kit! Yes a gingerbread house ready to make that they can enjoy with their family, also around $10!

*Buy Christmas cards for the holidays, and write them a card with a nice baggie of kisses and caramels!

*Get an old picture frame, or buy an inexpensive frame from Micheal's, decorate it, and throw in an old pic of you and them

*Candles are a simple gift with a nice card for anyone!

*A sweater and headphones will probably cost you $50 and up, but at stores like Ross, Tj Maxx, Marshalls you get designer names for half the price

*Buy a coffee cup with a nice design, fill it with their favorite goodies and you're done!

*A good and cheap wine with a bow

There is endless possibilities!

Trick is keep an eye out for color, and presentation.Then no matter what you gift them they'll appreciate that you thought of them. After all, everyone knows around the holidays people will spend the most on the immediate family around them and then worry about who else to buy for.

Buying any kind of cookie kit will be exciting to open as a gift!
Buying any kind of cookie kit will be exciting to open as a gift!


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