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Easy Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Updated on September 20, 2012

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, other than Christmas. But it has always seemed that I spend a small fortune on store bought Halloween costumes for myself and kids (and my dog ). I'm sure many parents can sympathize with my frustration! But one year I decided to get creative, and actually made my daughters Halloween cat costume on my own. Not only did I save a LOT of money,but I had fun doing it, and it meant so much to her knowing that mom made the outfit for her. And it's not as difficult as you may think. This article will show you some very creative, yet easy Halloween costumes for yourself,for the dog, AND for the kids!

If you don't mind a little bit of extra sewing,find some type of long and furry white fabric to cut into strips to use along the collar and cuffs of the shirt and pants.
If you don't mind a little bit of extra sewing,find some type of long and furry white fabric to cut into strips to use along the collar and cuffs of the shirt and pants.

Black and White Cat Costume

I made this for my daughter, and she was thrilled with the way it turned out! You will need a pair of black fleece pants, and a simple black fleece long sleeve top with a hood if you can find one. This way the costume looks furry. If you have a hard time finding a fleece top, a plain black leotard will work also. You will also need some sort of white fabric, with a soft look too it. I actually had an old white fuzzy blanket that had seen better days, and I used that as my fabric. The ears and tail can be bought separately at any party store, plain black is fine.

You will use the white fabric, and cut out irregular shaped patches to make the white parts of the cat. Also cut out a larger heart shape, or oval shape,this will be used for the belly area on the leotard, but don't make it too perfect of an oval. Markings on cats are never perfectly shaped, and you want it to look natural. You will then sew these patches onto the pants and leotard (the large oval shape will go onto the belly/chest area of the leotard or shirt).

Once you have all of these white patches sewed on, your costume is pretty well complete. Dress your child in the costume, and add the tail, and gloves. If you were able to find a hooded fleece shirt, sit the ears on top of the hood on your childs head. Otherwise just sit them on the head as is. Add dramatic eye makeup and whiskers to finish things up, and you'll have one good looking kitty!

Miss. America costume

Use an old fancy dress, and to round out the costume use a Tiara or crown, some large sparkly jewelry, and heels. Add some body glitter for extra glitz and glam. Do the hair in a pretty bun, and use a long, wide piece of ribbon cut to the length needed. Write "Miss. America in big letters with glitter glue, or glitter pens, etc. Buy a bouquet of fake flowers at the dollar store to carry along, and practice that Miss America wave before heading out the door. And there you have your Miss. America costume!

Construction Worker

Find an old long sleeve flannel shirt and cut the sleeves off to give them a tattered look on the edges. Use a white thermal shirt for underneath the flannel, and wear a pair of older looking, faded jeans.

Gather up some simple tools like screw drivers, tape measure, wrench, etc., and put them in a kid size tool belt. Buy a cheap toy walkie-talkie, or one that really works if your child has one. Make sure to wear work boots and work gloves too! Use some brown face paint to smear on the face to look like he has been working hard and getting dirty all day long!

Chef Costume

For this costume you will need an over-sized long sleeve white dress shirt, over-sized black dress pants,black shoes, and a red bow tie. You should be able to find a typical costume chefs hat, and a fake bushy mustache at your local party store. You can find a wooden spoon for him to carry at most dollar stores. Once you have your little chef all dressed up, stuff the over-sized clothing with old sheets, or whatever else you can find to plump him up and make it look like he's eating just as much as he's cooking!

Pig in a Blanket

This is a cute one for a young girl. So simple, but yet so adorable and creative, I will guarantee you won't see another pig in a blanket walking around on Halloween. All you do is buy a piggy tail, ears and nose, and dress your little one head to toe in pink. A pink leotard and tights would be ideal, but use heavier tights for cooler weather. Then have your child wrap a warm cuddly blanket around their shoulders. Just make sure the blanket is kid size, and not extra long to where they might trip over it! You could always safety pin it in the front if you'd like, that way your child doesn't have to hold it the whole time while trick or treating.

Devil in a Blue Dress

Wear an old blue dress, and pair it with a devil tail, horns and a pitchfork. Not only is it extremely simple to do, but is also very creative and way better than just a traditional devil costume! Go a little wild with some red and black face paint to make it even better!

The Backwards Man

The title explains itself! Just put your clothes on backwards for the day, and you're now the backwards man. If you happen to have a bald head, have somebody draw a face on the back of your head. Add some cushioning to your front back side by stuffing with an old sheet or small pillow. One of the easiest and cheapest costumes you can possibly find!

Spider Dog Costume

This one is easy as can be, and is more suited to short dogs. Use 4 pairs of black pantyhose. Stuff the pantyhose with newspapers, and then use pieces of torn apart coated wire hangers in each leg to give the spider legs some bendability. Then pin the legs together, and pin them to your dogs harness. If you can see the newspaper at all through the pantyhose, just use some black spray paint on the spider legs. You'll get a kick out of watching your dog walk around with his spider legs swinging with him!

Baby Costume for Dogs

You can get as creative as you want with this, depending on how tolerant your dog is. You can put a baby diaper on your dog (just make sure you cut a hole for the tail), or buy actual doggy diapers which look the same as baby diapers. But baby diapers tend to stay on better, believe it or not.

Attach a large pacifier to a piece of ribbon attached to the dogs collar, taking care to make sure the ribbon is short enough that the dog doesn't trip on it, or try to chew on the ribbon. If your dog is tall enough, you can also try a bib with a funny saying on it tied loosely around the neck. Or if your dog doesn't mind things on his head, add a pretty baby bonnet. If you dress your dog occasionally even when it's not Halloween, use one of your dogs t-shirts to add to the cuteness.

Tip: If you have a smaller dog who will sit still, take a baby stroller and walk the dog in the stroller. Imagine all the attention your little baby will be getting!

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