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Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Updated on September 28, 2012

I believe that anyone has the potential and creativity to make awesome cupcakes this Halloween season. You can make them from scratch or you can use the easier cake mix route. Grown ups should watch the kids in the baking process, however, the kids can do the decorating on their own. Use basic food colorings to give the icing or butter cream to give it a scary color. If you really use your imagination, you can make candies look like insect legs and vicious fangs. Although these cupcakes appear scary, they will make a great tasting treat for any Halloween party.

When it comes to Halloween cupcake ideas you have to understand that pretty much anythings goes. Simply use yellow and black frosting if you really, really want to keep it simplistic.

That's too boring!

Actually you can take those boring little cupcakes and by simply placing a prop on it or around it will make your cakes into the star of the dessert table. It is really easy to do and here are some easy Halloween cupcake ideas below.

Spiders on Halloween cupcakes can make a fun play on one of the scariest creatures known to man. However, on Halloween it doesn't even matter because they will get eaten up regardless.

If Zombies are the route that should be taken then get some green or brown icing and put some zombie hand cupcake toppers which will give the appearance of the living dead trying to burst from the delicious dessert.

Halloween party skull decoration cupcake pan is an awesome pan for making unique cupcakes. Different from the typical round shaped cupcakes. You can make skeletons or even better, ZOMBIES!

Regardless of which method you chose when it comes to Halloween cupcake ideas, it should come out good. Just make sure you read the directions if you aren't very kitchen savvy.


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    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 5 years ago from Manila

      Great idea for designing cupcakes! This will make the cupcakes look tastier. :)