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Easy to create Homemade Handmade Valentine's Card with your Cricut machine

Updated on January 29, 2016

It's almost that time of year again...Valentine's Day. Time for everyone to give to a loved one, a cherished one, or a dear one, a Valentine's Day card. And of course, traditional gifts such as scrumptious chocolates, beautiful Roses, and for many sweethearts..that diamond engagement ring.

Valentine's Day cards have already started appearing in stores; I stopped by a card counter the other day and was shocked at the price of even the simplest card. I make homemade cards using a Cricut Personal cutting machine and Valentine's Day is no exception.

I love the traditional colors associated with Valentine's Day, the shades of Red, White, and Pink. Cardstock comes in a heavy weight version; perfect for cutting intricate shapes for your homemade card. Homemade cards are easy to make and you can put your own personal touch on a card you make.

Valentine's Day cards for school

This cartridge is perfect for those who wish to make their kid's Valentine's Day cards to exchange with classmates. I think your child will go to school with the most unique and customized Valentine's Day cards if you are "allowed" to create these cards.

I say "create" because ultimately it is and should be the child's choice of either store bought or home made Valentine's Day cards.

Made with a Cricut Personal Cutting Machine

Cricut Spring Holiday Cartridge


Cricut Spring Holiday Cards cartridge

Cricut Spring Holiday Cards cartridge:

This is such a simple cartridge to use giving you the opportunity to create pretty and special Holiday cards during the Spring holidays.

Shown to the right is the insert that comes with this cartridge - featuring 10 different simple Valentine's Day cards ~ you will also get various cutouts for other holidays, backgrounds, envelopes, and treat boxes.


Base card size: 5 1/2 x 4 1/4"

Cricut Cartridge: Spring Holiday Cards

Cricut Machine Speed: Medium

Cricut Machine Blade Depth: #2

Cricut Machine Pressure: Maximum

Heavy weight cardstock: Red, White, Pink

Step by Step Photos

Base card
Base card
Cardstock background
Cardstock background
Cardstock background on base card
Cardstock background on base card
Cricut cutout
Cricut cutout
Hand cut shapes
Hand cut shapes
Handcut shapes adhered to back of cutout
Handcut shapes adhered to back of cutout
Small Red Hearts
Small Red Hearts

Step by Step

The step by step instructions for this card are very brief; making it a very simple and quick card to make and in multiples too.

Base Card and Background cardstock.

Choose a base card size 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 using Red Heavyweight cardstock. If you make your own card, use a folding tool for a smooth crease.

Cut a piece of Pink cardstock to be 5 1/4 x 4.

Adhere the pink cardstock to the base card.

Cricut Machine Cutting

Cut 1 <Valntne6> size 6" using the base keyboard key. This will cut out the "Bee Mine" Valentine sentiment with the Bee on top. The 6" size is needed because it is measured diagonally, corner to corner, and it fits on the 5 1/2 x 5 1/4 card perfectly.

Cut 2 <Seal1> size 3" using the base keyboard key. This will cut out 2 small hearts in Red Cardstock for the top two corners.

Hand Cuts:

Handcut 3 shapes to fit behind the Bee's head, body, and the "Bee Mine" sentiment. I traced lightly onto the Red cardstock using the cutout shape as a guide.


Adhere your handcut shapes to the back of the white Cricut "Bee Mine" cutout.

Adhere the finished cutout to the pink background cardstock already done.

Adhere the two small hearts to the top two corners of your card.



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