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Easy to Make Handmade Birthday Card featuring twine with your Cricut Machine

Updated on February 11, 2015

Easy Card to create

I decided to create a card with simple lines and added interest with embossing and a twine bow.

Using Twine

Adding texture to a homemade card is easy with a spool of macrame twine. The twine is rough and lends itself to easily make bows because it won't untie easily as ribbon tends to do. There are some very amazing devices on the market to aid in the tying of a bow.

Two Great Paper Punches to have

Circle Punches are the simplest form of a paper punch but create great background accents. I chose a small circle punch to accent the bow then a larger circle punch for the bottom layer.

A corner punch helps soften the corners of your cardstock and for your scrapbook layouts- the corners of the photos can also be rounded.

Punch Quality

There are many paper punches on the market and when choosing one you want to make sure you invest in a quality one. The sharpness of the punches makes or breaks the look of the punched cardstock. I own quality punches from Creative Memories, Martha Stewart, and from Stampin'Up! has some great quality punches also.

Happy Birthday

What You Need

Cricut Die-Cutting machine

Cricut Cuttlebug (for the optional embossing features)

Cricut Cartridge: Simply Charmed (still one of my favorites)

Cricut machine blade depth: #3

Cricut machine pressure: Maximum

Cricut machine speed: Medium

Heavy Weight Cardstock plain

Light Weight Cardstock patterned

Corner Paper Punch

Circle Punch: One 1 1/4" and One 1 1/2". Mine has both in the same punch but they are sold separately also.

Adhesive: I use a 2-way glue by Zig

Macrame Twine


Click thumbnail to view full-size
Light Orange cardstock before foldingFolded Light Orange cardstock embossed Punched small roundSimple Twine for the bowBow tied and adheredHappy Birthday bottom layerHappy Birthday top layerMat for Happy Birthday layersMat for bow with circleHappy Birthday adheredLayers adhered to cardBow with Circle adhered
Light Orange cardstock before folding
Light Orange cardstock before folding
Folded Light Orange cardstock embossed
Folded Light Orange cardstock embossed
Punched small round
Punched small round
Simple Twine for the bow
Simple Twine for the bow
Bow tied and adhered
Bow tied and adhered
Happy Birthday bottom layer
Happy Birthday bottom layer
Happy Birthday top layer
Happy Birthday top layer
Mat for Happy Birthday layers
Mat for Happy Birthday layers
Mat for bow with circle
Mat for bow with circle
Happy Birthday adhered
Happy Birthday adhered
Layers adhered to card
Layers adhered to card
Bow with Circle adhered
Bow with Circle adhered

Cricut Simply Charmed

Here is how to do it

1. Cut a piece of heavy-weight cardstock to measure 8 1/2" x 5 1/2"

First fold the cardstock on the long edge for a finished card measuring 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"

2. Run the card through the embosser.

If you want the entire card embossed, place the entire card inside the embossing folder.

If you only want the front of the card embossed, place only the front of the card within the embossing folder, leaving the back hanging outside the embossing folder.

3. Using your Round paper punch, punch out your circle. I chose the same patterned cardstock which I used behind the Happy Birthday phrase.

4. Using a Bow-Tying device or by hand, tie a small bow with the twine. It doesn't have to be perfect, the rustic look of the twine lends itself to easy to tie bows.

Adhere the finished bow to the top of the round circle. I usually turn over the piece then press hard for a few moments until the glue sets.

5. Cut 1 <BdayCake>, page 74, sized 2" using the Word, Shift, and Keyboard key. This will cut out the bottom layer of the phrase. I chose the same patterned cardstock as the small circle.

6. Cut 1 <BdayCake>, page 74, sized 2" using the Word and Keyboard key. This will cut out the top layer of the phrase. I used a cream colored piece of cardstock, a bit heavy to cut out the thinner shapes of the phrase.

7. Using your Paper Trimmer, cut a heavy weight piece of plain cardstock to measure 2 1/4" x 3 3/4". This will be the background piece for the Happy Birthday phrase. I used a Bright Green cardstock.

8. Using your Paper Punch, cut a larger circle for the Bow/Circle layer. I used the same Bright Green heavy weight cardstock.

9. Adhere the Happy Birthday top layer to the bottom layer.

Adhere the finished layers to the background piece.

10. Adhere the finished Happy Birthday piece to the bottom of the card.

11. Adhere the finished Bow/Circle piece to the top center of the card.

You could also turn the card lengthwise and adhere from Left to Right.


Simply Charmed by Cricut

I have many Cricut Cartridges, some specifically themed but if you want an all-around cartridge which gives you images for most holidays, celebrations, and themes then you will love the Simply Charmed cartridge.


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    • MimiKat33 profile image

      MimiKat33 3 years ago from Northeastern NY State, USA

      Thanks fro your kind comment. You will love the Cricut when you get one.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 3 years ago

      Nice card. I don't have a cricut (someday, perhaps) but I love paper crafts. That's a pretty one, thanks for sharing.