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Eat Easter Eggs

Updated on May 21, 2010

Eat Easter Eggs

Eat some easter eggs.     Image source
Eat some easter eggs. Image source

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs are chocolate eggs that are usually hollow and are cheap to make and once you've eaten one, you want another one and another and another. All the major chocolate companies such as Cadburies, Nestle and Ferrero all make Easter eggs, although there are many brands of chocolate from smaller companies too they are usally eaten at Easter time, unless you like to eat Easter eggs throughout the year then by all means stuff your face!

I happen to like the Easter eggs that come with a mug or a toy or special surprise chocolates inside the egg, mind you, so do the kids.

The actual meaning of Easter is lost on me, because I don't care for the meaning, just where my next fix of easter egg chocolate is coming from, it's like a drug you see, that chocolate just sits there in it's box until I can summon up the courage to open the box and eat it, I'm sure the easter eggs mock me, knowing that I can't live without chocolate, they laugh at me I'm sure of it.

Even when it's not Easter the eggs of milky chocky goodness hang out on the street corners touting for business wearing their leather knee high boots and slinky looking lingerie. Cream eggs filled with fondant encased in milk chocolate, Maltesers with light honeycomb crunchy goodness and soft mars bars that melt in the mouth.

Someone once said a frozen chocolate bar is better because it lasts longer, I don't know what they were referring to, dirty pervs!! Give it to me all melted in a bowl with melted marshmallows....

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Easter Eggs Very Tasty!

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