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Create your own messages the Online ECards Way

Updated on January 27, 2014

The holiday season is almost upon us with Thanksgiving right around the corner.  What better way to remember loved ones near and far than by sending a greeting card.  One of the most convenient ways to find and send that perfect greeting card is by sending Electronic Greeting Cards or ecard greeting cards as they have come to be known. As special as the traditional paper card is, an online ecard offers us another way to remember that special day.

Remember when you wanted a card to send to a friend, loved one or co-worker for their special day? A traditional paper greeting card was the usual way. To do that, in time for your card to be delivered by mail or in person, you had to go out, choose and buy the perfect card. Sometimes it seemed to take a long time to find a card that said just what you wanted to say. Then it was taken home, filled out, and prepared to be mailed, if you remembered to the next morning.

Now we have at our fingertips, in the comfort of our own homes, a service which allows us to pick the perfect greeting card. By going to and taking just a few minutes out of your day, you could make a loved one's, friend's, or co-worker's entire day.

Custom Greeting Cards from American Greetings is a special place to find a card for exactly what you want to say. Choices range from Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday, Promotion, Friendship, New Baby, and everything in between to Invitations and Photo cards.

If you prefer to send an ecard, the process is simple. Simply find the subject you wish to celebrate, fill in the recipients information and your own, then press Send. Your card can be customized to say what you wish or use one of their special verses. You can add your own photo and some of the cards are "talking cards", where you fill in the wording and the card subject "speaks" to your recipient.

Facebook is also a choice to share that special announcement with all your friends. Another choice is to send your card to the recipient's cell phone. The possibilities seem amazing, with a few keystrokes, you can create and send a card celebrating that special day or event.

If you prefer you can create your own paper version with American Greetings "Create and Print" service. Choose from one of their cards, click on the "get started" button and another screen opens, allowing you to customize and create your special card to print from your own home printer. With some inexpensive fancy paper, your card will look great, and you made it yourself.

Just one of their many Halloween cards.
Just one of their many Halloween cards.

The Value of a Quality Traditional or ECard

In search of a special "free" ecard, I have gone to those websites which promote their "free" ecards. The card appearance is less than desirable with low level graphics and often the verses are pre-made, not saying exactly what I want them to say. In addition, we all know how high the prices have become for traditional paper greeting cards.

American Greetings offers a membership program which offers a free 2 week trial before you pay. You can choose to create:

  • only Ecards for $15.99 a year
  • only Create & Print at $19.99 a year
  • or both for $29.99 a year-an amazing value!

Think of how much you spend on traditional greeting cards in a year, then add to it the cost of Invitations and the value of the American Greetings deal is obvious.


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