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Fun, Green & Eco-friendly Ways to celebrate Valentines and Make the Earth Smile

Updated on June 16, 2011

Dreaming of the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's this year? Your solution may lie in going green. The internet is abuzz this season with advice on how to celebrate Valentine's the eco-friendly way, and while most of them are talking about organic food and wine, we've assembled our own little list of fun ways to enjoy a green Valentine's day.

1. Use recycled paper cards - There's nothing like declaring your love on paper. E-cards won't cut it, we all know. So why not use a recycled card which is eco-friendly? A handwritten poem would add a million points to your celebration.

2. Natural Fragrances - If you've been in love for awhile now, you should know that love and smells have this way of wafting in the air together. How about making a natural fragrance oil with your partner's favorite smell and wearing it on valentines?

3. Massage - the green, relaxing way to spend your valentine's evening - unwinding with a body massage or a foot massage…it could serve as the perfect beginning for a sensuous valentines night!

4. Replace paper with cloth - Keep eco-unfriendly paper away, and get the napkins and towels in. They'll look prettier and they're eco-friendly too.

5. Treat yourself to an old book - go to your local old book reseller for an our hour or two...the smell of old books is intoxicating, and, you may find the perfect pick for a romantic evening with a classic.

6. Diamonds are a girl's best friend - if they're conflict-free, they'll be the earth's best friend too. Make the day dazzling for your girl with conflict-free diamonds this year.

7. Romantic walk - Use the most eco-friendly transportation system that uses two legs to go through paths which no wheeled vehicles could take you to...a walk! Get a lonely spot under a tree by the moonlight…even better!


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