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Economical Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Updated on April 29, 2011
Mom or grandma may enjoy a trip to a garden.
Mom or grandma may enjoy a trip to a garden.

Everyone has a mom, and we all want to make moms feel special on Mother's Day. It is the one day where we recognize how important moms really are. Typically people buy gifts or send flowers to mothers, but there are other ways to celebrate how we feel about mom. Here are some suggestions that may not be expensive, yet lets mom know you really care about her.

  • Get together with siblings or your own children and make Mom or Grandma a memory book. Gather old photos, programs, notes and cards and display them in a book format. Let your imagination go! If you don't feel super creative, ask friends to see scrapbooks to get some ideas. This need not be an expensive project; rather it should be a collection of special times you shared with your mom.
  • If your creativity flows more in the direction of writing, write a poem for Mom or Grandma and read it to her on her special day. This would be a great project you could work on with children. Each child could write their own poem (and it can be short) or a family could work on this together. To get ideas flowing for the poem or poems, think about holidays or special events you and your children have shared with Mom or Grandma. Most importantly, be sincere and write about how you really feel!
  • Many moms and grandmas have spent many hours in the kitchen making meals for others, so why not make a meal for them? The meal need not be extravagant, in fact, a picnic lunch may be just the perfect choice because it's easy to get together quickly. Make sure to include dessert, if mom or grandma has a sweet tooth!
  • On Mother's Day, take time to plant a small garden for Mom or Grandma. The garden could be as simple as a small dish garden for her home or small petunia pot for her porch. Plants and gardens are wonderful symbols of love because they are alive and growing! If Mom or Grandma doesn't have a green thumb, a cactus terrarium is an easy, low-maintenance garden.
  • On this special day if the weather is nice, take Mom or Grandma for a drive. Visiting a nearby park or lake, or a drive in the country can be very relaxing and enjoyable. Most importantly, you can share some quality time and conversation with the special lady or ladies in your life-- Mom and/or Grandma!

Mother's Day is an important time to let the women in our lives know that we really love them. We can show Moms and Grandmas how we truly feel by putting some effort into creating some simple gifts and taking time to spend with them! Afterall, where would we be without Moms and Grandmas?

Making a simple terrarium:


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      abigail 5 years ago

      thanks for giving me ideas for me to give my mother on mother's day