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El Adobe of Capistrano has a spooky Secret

Updated on October 24, 2015

On a beautiful street in Old San Juan Capistrano sits a gorgeous and classy restaurant called "El Adobe de Capistrano."

The structure is old a dates back to the early seventeen hundreds (1778) according to tracing back historical records. A secpnd structure was built on the property that accompanied the restaurant in 1812 where it housed a court and a jail.

An Apparition of a headless Monk is known to walk the outside and exterior perimeter of El Adobe and its beautiful wine cellar is also a site of a ghostly lady in white, patrons are tapped and touched but when they turn no one is there but darkness. Other occurences are laughter and muffled whispers that cannot be explained in the wine cellar.

The Restaurant had a underground stagecoach path and was visited by former President Richard Nixon where he dined and ate exquisite Mexican cuisine.

A possible and pausible explanation for the apparitions and specters seen at the site is what may have happened hundreds of years ago or even a century ago.

The pausible explanation:

During the twilight hours the Spanish Conquistadors and Mission Indians clashed when the Indians refused to give up their land to the spanish. Although missions were built and there were some stuctures the spanish wanted everything including the land in the area. As the clash grew many of the spanish missionaried were intermediaries for both parties. This is one of the secrets that El Adobe de Capistrano held within and beneath its walls.

However, one cold and dark night a spanish conquistador was arguing with one of the founding fathers of old San Juan Capistrano his name was Saint Serra. The spaniard was so angry that Saint Serra was defying his request of getting and taking land from some of its native Indians. He was also arguing about local Indian women that were to become concubines. The Spaniard got so angry at the missionary monk that he chopped off the head of the missionary monk and went on to take the land without any feeling for the local Indians who were there and were the original owners. and of course no feeling or regret for the monk he just killed.

The spaniards took many concubines including women who refused to become enslaved by them. However, it proved to be a violent end to some of the women if they refused to become concubines. One woman met her end while having a drink and dinner at the restaurant or what was a mission to some of the local indians and home to Miguel Yorba. While there the young woman was wearing a traditional Indian dress of white while dining. She laughed and enjoyed the company until it got ugly and violent and a spanish conquistador took her and threatened to take her as his concubine when a violent fight ensued over her wellbeing; and the beautiful young woman ended up dead. Forever ending her life on the floors of the resaturant.




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