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Elf on a Shelf: Week One

Updated on December 5, 2014
Findle making her debut
Findle making her debut | Source

First step -- The Name

So it was exciting the first day the elf showed up in our house. It was the evening of Thanksgiving, right after we returned from playing outside. There she was, sitting on our entertainment center for all to see.

My daughter, Haley, is rather shy and was more scared in the beginning. Actually to the point of crying as she did not know what was going on. My son, Dylan, on the other hand went crazy and was really excited. His favorite phrase, "Oh my gosh" was said repeatedly for about five minutes or so.

We sat down and read the book to the kids. After the book was read, and directions understood, the kids were tasked with naming the elf. Without hesitation, my son blurts out, "Findle!" His big sister nodded in agreement and the tradition began.

Finding Findle

I never realized how much fun it would be to see the kids react to when they find her. The excitement EVERY morning to see where she is and what she is doing has been so exciting to see. Here is what she has done so far:

Day 1: Sitting on the entertainment center -- Introduction

Day 2: Sitting on the dresser in our bedroom -- They were just happy they had to find her and it got them excited about what was to come.

Day 3: Hanging from our lamp above the kitchen island -- Dylan got the biggest kick out of this one. Could not stop pointing and laughing. For the rest of the day kept asking if I wanted to 'find Findle.'

Day 4: Sitting on a shot-glass display case, holding a marshmallow -- This was a fun reaction as both kids could not stop laughing that she was hugging a marshmallow

Day 5: Hanging on piece of art in living room -- Haley said that she got 'stuck' as she noticed her hat was caught intertwined in the wall art

Day 6: Hanging from the ceiling fan -- This one has gotten the most memorable response as they both could not stop giggling the whole time. They were so infatuated that they invited some friends over after school JUST to see where Findle was 'hanging out.'

Day 7: Peeking out of Christmas tree -- Just king of sitting around among the decorations. Another "I need to show the neighbors" moment

Day 8: Fishing on the kitchen sink -- This was the most adventurous we have attempted since it involved props. A skirt, a straw for the pole, the goldfish and, of course, the string to tie it all together....see what I did there?

Day 8:  Fishing for goldfish
Day 8: Fishing for goldfish | Source

Ah ha!

How do you find your Elf on the Shelf in the morning?

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Fun for the kids

This time of year is so exciting and especially when you have kids. My youngest, Dylan, still isn't totally engulfed in the idea of Santa but my daughter is and she helps out quite a bit. It is really amazing seeing their faces when we pass a Christmas Tree in a store or lights on houses as we are driving.

We plan on taking the kids for numerous drives this season to see the lights in some of the neighborhoods near us. This has been turning into a tradition in itself as it is good time to spend with family and really gets you into the Christmas spirit.

With that, this new tradition of the elf is turning out to be just as fun. Can't wait to see what Findle has in store for us tomorrow!

More to come

Since the title of this is "Volume One", should be known that we will have more pictures and stories from Findle's time in our house this season.

I can't wait to upload more and let you know how the kids are responding.

If you have any ideas, let me know and we shall see if Findle likes those ideas, too!


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