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Elmo Birthday Party Ideas!

Updated on March 12, 2015

Ideas for Sesame Street's Elmo Themed B-day Parties!

An Elmo birthday party theme is fun for little kids, a 1st birthday, or toddlers Here are fun ideas for your Elmo party!

Do you love Elmo from Sesame Street? We do! Personally, I know a few teens and adults that would love this party theme too

Check out the best Elmo party favors & supplies, cupcakes, kids cakes, gifts and ideas!

Come party with Elmo!

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Elmo Party Theme Ideas


* Red and orange, primary colors (red, blue and yellow) or crayon colors

Wall Decorations:

* Large alphabet letters

* Childlike paintings and drawings of Elmo

* A "Welcome to Elmo's World" or "Sesame Street" sign

Free Time Fun:

* Set out Elmo toys, ABC blocks and Elmo books for children to enjoy

* Create a small coloring table with crayons and Elmo coloring pages


* Set up a resting area for tired children to relax and watch an Elmo DVD

Sesame Street: Elmo's World - Birthdays!!! Play this for the kids! Official video.

Party Activity Idea: MAKE ELMO HATS!!!

"To make the hats, use a red cap or visor and sticky backed craft foam sheets; white craft foam circles, small black craft foam circles an orange craft foam oval. For a longer lasting cap, use fabric paint to draw the face and/or felt pieces instead of the craft foam. Attach the felt with liquid stitch or fabric glue."


Oscar the Grouch Party Game

Oscar the Grouch Garbage Toss: Empty trash can. (You can also use a bucket.) Take junk mail that you might have around the house (or old newspapers, etc) and crumple it up into balls. Get the kids to toss the junk mail balls into Oscar's garbage can.

(from Kids' Birthday Party Guide)

How would this be for Photo Opportunities?!

How About Making Some Elmo Cupcakes?!

How About Making Some Elmo Cupcakes?!
How About Making Some Elmo Cupcakes?!

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You can make Elmo birthday party invitations in a shape of little TV's. Just draw a TV screen on each postcard. Next, cut out Elmo and other Sesame Street characters and glue them on TV "screen"


Elmo Stars on These Fun Party Supplies

Amscan 220722 Sesame Street Elmo Party Standard Pack
Amscan 220722 Sesame Street Elmo Party Standard Pack

Adorable and perfect for boys AND girls!


More Ideas on Video!

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    • howdoyouspellst profile image

      howdoyouspellst 6 years ago

      I LOVE Elmo!! I'm twenty, and I'd still love to have an Elmo party!!! Great lens, thanks!

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