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Deluxe Hand Fan Crafts for Less

Updated on July 12, 2013

Made and presented in a delightfully tasteful manner, these embellished hand fans, which appear twice more fun than the hand fans you normally see or get, are sure to elicit smiles and conversations among your friends and loved ones. Plus, they look simple and quick to make - you can verily turn to them when in need of hand fans and decorations that add more tad of pizzazz to your wedding, birthday, corporate affair, and other special occasions.

Stamp-it Promotional Hand Fans


Need a personalized hand fan that offers ample space for your several event sponsors? Then try decorating a folding paper fan with cutouts of your sponsors' name and company logo. For weddings, baby's first birthday, and alumni party, among many other special occasions, you can paste, instead, the thumbnail-sized pictures of your engagement photo session, baby's cutest photos of the year, or the logos of the different schools in your college or university, respectively, to make them an entertaining hand fan favor of your big event.

Flower-Shaped Folding Fans

Tulip Rose Fan from
Tulip Rose Fan from

If you think paddle fans and folding fans can't go together, then maybe you haven't seen the likes of flower-shaped folding fans, which look like paddle fans when closed and modern-looking folding fans when opened. Apparently made of seven (7) flower-shaped paddle fans that are joined together on the handle with a metal rivet -- or a folding fan that features leaves in fancy shapes -- these flower-shaped folding fans can verily serve as a pretty detail on your wedding or party, as souvenirs for your guests, hand fan gift for your clients, and don't forget, as cooling accessories, too.


Hanging Paper Fan Décor

Brighten up your rustic wedding, summer party, and tropical-themed parties not just with hand fan favors but also with origami paper fans, which can go as place card holders of the party tables to festive hanging decorations of the wedding wishing tree, chandelier décor, branch centerpiece, and many others.

Start by making accordion-style hand fans from small, rectangular pieces of decorative paper, like cardstock, vellum, or wrapping paper and then embellish each of them with ornaments of your choice, like a bow, paper cutouts, or dried flowers. Punch a hole on the top of each fan, insert a string, and just hang them from a branch, chandelier plate, or any hanging media.

Cheap, easy to make, and unexpectedly awesome to look at, kids can even enjoy making this paper fan project with you.

Quilled Hand Fans


When in need of hand fans that show your artistic and sophisticated sense of style, then turn to making quilled hand fans, or paper filigree fans, which take their beauty from the various strips of rolled paper that is individually formed into a shape, pattern, or motif on an albeit invisible canvas.

To make this stunning work of art, you can use the ribs of your old folding fans or wrap barbecue sticks for your hand fan’s frame. Mount a sheet of paper that is in the same color as your paper strips and form designs on top of the latter using rolled strips of paper that measure about 1/8" wide.


Painted Straw Fans

Throw in more festive colors and a touch of fun and youthfulness to your tropical parties, Hawaiian luau, eco-themed parties, and special occasions, especially during the seasons of spring and summer by bringing painted straw fans, or buri fans, into the party scene.

Completely made of natural leaf, straw fans are highly durable and can effectively keep their user cool even during a hot and humid weather. Straw hand fans can be painted with enamel or craft paint, or embellished with a decoupage of your choice of design.

Plantable Paper Fans


Think eco-friendly, giving plants for gifts that are concealed as hand fans, and beautifying Mother Earth and your hand fan recipient’s abode by opting for plantable hand fans, which make use of plantable paper or seed paper for their leaf.

You can even make them on your own in the style of paddle fans by cutting a sheet of seed paper and gluing it on a paddle fan handle. Make them in colors, shapes, and styles to suit the color motif and theme of your occasion and finish them, too, with a bow, a Thank You tag, and a note that contains instructions on how your guests can grow your paper fan gift into a plant.


Hand Fan Serving Plates

If you have been looking for ways on how to break the rules of using paddle fans as a canvas for a work of art, as promotional hand fan, or as cooling accessories, then perhaps you can try them on the dinner and party tables for casual, especially outdoor dining, as hand fan serving plates for dry hors d’oeuvres, pastries, and desserts. You can also line them with wax paper or banana leaf for a neat and native-looking presentation of your sumptuous treats.

Make your hand fans perfect for your wedding and party photos by infusing your creativity onto each of them. Remember, hand fans are always made to be artistic and unique, thus giving them your DIY touch is sure to not only leave your guests with a positive first and lasting impression, it also makes them easy to become treasure-worthy hand fan favors, wedding souvenirs, promotional items, or gifts for special occasions.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      the quilled handfan is unique and a beauty. Maybe I should head to the antique shop for this hand fan. Great details about exotic vintage type of fans. Voted up

    • bellartdesigns profile image

      bellartdesigns 4 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      This is a great idea! I LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing - I can't wait to show it to my daughter - she will have so much fun making these creative fans.