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Enchanting Witch Hats for Halloween

Updated on September 3, 2012
Black and red Witch hat
Black and red Witch hat

Black Hat or Exciting Color?

Do you often wonder if there's an alternative to wearing the same black Witch hat every year for Halloween? Do you feel it's time to spice things up a bit, and wear something unique that is one of a kind? I do a lot of crochet, knit and sewn items, and time after time of making the same black hats I lost interest in them. Doing research on the Salem Witch Trials, I found out one of the first ones accused, Bridget Bishop, was mainly accused because she loved to wear bright colors! I felt sorry for her, doubly so, a I am descended not from her, but from a few other of the accused Witches. It's probably why I enjoyed decorating the hats to begin with! This bit of info lit a renewed interest in making Witch hats again, but this time in different colors and designs. To start with, I went from the typical black and orange, to experimenting with black and purple, then black and red, and not only using different colors, but different textures too. There is hope for the daily hum-drum of wearing black! From there I went on to crocheting Wizard hats in greys and blues, with deeper colored bands on them. Who's to say, perhaps the blue hat Wizards specialize in water spells, or the red ones work with Fire Goddess, such as Pele? If you are making your own hats, whether crochet, knit or sewn, why not experiment with different colors? Your costume will surely stand out from the crowd, as will you in all your bewitching finery.

Purple Wizard's hat
Purple Wizard's hat

Many Sources for Witch Hats Online

I discovered I'm not the only one with the idea that Witch hats can be in different colors, there are other people and shops making and selling Witch and Wizard hats of all color. I suppose the LOTR series also has something to do with this, what with Gandolph's grey hat, then later his white one, shows a bit of change from the typical black, and also the Harry Potter series, with Dumbledore's hat, and even the House Sorting Hat. I have yet to find any major stores selling Halloween supplies that have different colors, so perhaps it's just the Handmade and DIY people that are thinking outside the box.

Blue Wizard hat
Blue Wizard hat

Ready-Made or DIY?

Well, now that you may have played with the idea of wearing something besides black to top off your Wonderfully Witchy costume, now comes the decision to buy ready-made or DIY. My shop on etsy has ready-made hats for sale, plus I also will do custom colors, and there are other shops that will do custom colors as well, along with the traditional basic black hat. Not everyone crochets, knits or sews, so being able to buy a color Witch hat is a plus, even if you do know how, if one has a busy life, then buying Handmade, ready to wear is definitely a plus! I have put a link here, this is the wonderful shop that I bought my pattern from, for those that have the time and know how to crochet.


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