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End of Summer

Updated on August 30, 2010
My local park, Autumn 2009.
My local park, Autumn 2009.

Oh gosh! I haven't written for ages. I've been busy trying to sort my life out and for anyone who read my Springtime Fever article, you will remember that after a really bad Winter in London and serious frustrations, anguish in my life, I was being positive waiting, hoping for a good new start in Spring (see also Life of a Capricorn...............). Now it's the depressing end of an OK Summer weather wise anyway I guess, if nothing else. At this time of the year in London we start praying for a late Summer (an Indian Summer), sun in September and October. Well, that bit of positivity came to nothing!

It didn't happen! Nothing has improved, in fact things have got worse, the book proposal I sent in was rejected. I have had to battle with my neighbours over noise, crafty, sly neighbours and a badly converted property. As if that was not bad enough, now they are smoking Cannabis and the smell, fumes are leaking into my flat making me feel absolutely sick and heady, to name a few reactions I have to it! I can't stand the smell of it, never could and I can't stand drugs of any kind. It started by me smelling and reacting to some strong incense they were burning which they then lied was coming from next door and then I started smelling the 'evil weed' or whatever you like to call it, disgusting! No wonder they insist on burning incense and are even prepared to lie about it. I'm waiting to see my local MP about it next week because I can't put up with it. I have been fed up but still fighting one battle after another which along with work takes all my energy. So have been in no mood for Hub Pages I'm afraid! But I'm back now and hoping to get some articles going.

So Summer is nearly over here and the leaves are already starting to change colour. As I said before it has been an OK Summer I think weather wise, June was good too much rain this month but I have grown to associate August in London with rain. And goodness I mean heavy tropical rain like we never saw in the past in the capital. And it just comes down when it's ready 'woosh' also like the tropics. I cycle everywhere so it's an occupational hazard, getting caught in heavy down pours. I usually have to find somewhere to run to and hide but mostly I just get soaked.

I spent quite a few days in June at one of my favourite places to go Ladies Pond on Hampstead Heath. Hampstead Heath is like an expanse of woods and open green spaces in the North West of London. You would not believe you were still in London, here you will find a huge swimming pond called Ladies Pond. It's just for women and you can sunbathe topless without being stared at or ogled by men! Although you might be stared at by women, a lot of lesbians go there I hear! Well you see them cuddling each other etc, so I know lesbians frequent the pond! But I never feel threatened or intimidated as I know I would in front of men (no offence)! There is a men's pond too by the way and a mixed pond, so no one is left out. I have seen however men with binoculars hiding in the grass outside the Ladies Pond area, having a quick gawp no doubt!!

It is a beautiful, relaxing, tranquil spot with a pond to swim in bigger than the size of an Olympic pool. There are life guards, toilets, showers and changing rooms along with ducks and often their ducklings, birds, lilies, bulrushes and other pond life. The pond is deep, you can't stand up in it and it's huge. I am having my ashes scattered there when I go, if I can't get them scattered on the beach at home in Gambia that is. But I guess that should be no problem, my cousin will, would take me home with him and let me drift off across the golden sandy beach, sea and towards the horizon. But this place would have been an easy second choice, one beautiful early morning in Summer before the crowds arrive.

Oh my goodness, it will soon be Christmas again. Is it just me or does time seem to go faster the older you get? Because I don't remember Xmas coming so quickly every year when I was young. Oh well happy Autumn especially to you guys across the pond because a lot goes on for you in Autumn.

  • Ladies Pond, Hampstead Heath, London - Head for Kenwood House, then ask for directions.
  • Men's Pond, Hampstead Heath, London - Head for Hampstead Heath tube, then ask for directions to the heath and from there to the men's pond.
  • Mixed Pond, Hampstead Heath, London - As above.


Autumn, 2009
Autumn, 2009


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