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Ending your Spring on a High Note

Updated on May 21, 2013
Alfred Sisley
Alfred Sisley | Source
Spring Showers Summer Flowers
Spring Showers Summer Flowers | Source

Summer is just around the corner, the countdown has begun for the summer solstice (the first day of summer is June 21st). June 21st seems so far away. Even so, the next four weeks as the weather continues to warm up and the people seem to shed their extra layers of clothes, is the perfect time to prepare for summer.

Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers | Source

Why prepare for Summer?

This seems like a weird idea being that summer is a season (can’t really plan a season, it just happens and all) but think of it like this. It’s the August 29th, Labor Day is around the corner and so is fall. You check your calendar and realized summer is drawing to an end. And you’re wondering where your summer went? What happened to that summer to do list? What happened to all the places you wanted to go? The books you’ve wanted to read and the restaurants you’ve wanted to try out. You realized you’ve wasted your summer.

Have this ever happened to you? Summer is perhaps one of the only seasons when things seem to slow down, but time seems to speed up. Before you know it your summer, those three months of hot weather, flip flops and lounging around is gone. So this is the reason, a good reason to plan for the summer. What better way to celebrate an end of one season and prepare for the beginning of a new one?

Pieter Janssens Elinga
Pieter Janssens Elinga | Source

Do some summer cleaning

Similar to spring cleaning, summer cleaning is pretty much the same idea. You clear out your closet getting rid of anything you don’t need. Such as those smelly colored Easter Eggs you’ve left around your lawn since Easter (yuck!!!). Well I’m joking but you get the idea. Summer represents outside and much of your time would be spent outdoors. So clean your grill, the pool, your summer furniture and lawnmower. Clean to welcome in the summer.

Barbequing | Source

Get organize and Stock up

This is a time to get organize and stock up too. Whether its plastic plates and utensils for barbequing and family eat outs or restocking on beach towels and flip flops or fishing out your roller blades or fedora hats, organizing stocking up on summer time essentials is smart and can help you save. Stock up on insect repellant, antihistamines/allergy medicine, sunscreen, propane/charcoal and other summertime necessities. Look for deals before the summer season has even began.

Piggy Bank Savings
Piggy Bank Savings | Source

Starting Saving for summer

If you haven’t already start saving for summer vacation, get a move on. Whether it is for a weekend stay-cation or long term saving for a trip to Bali or the Bahamas in August, saving is always a good idea. Saving gives an idea of what you can afford and can do for the summer.

Starting Planning

Along with saving you should also plan. Saving and Planning go hand in hand because it asks you to think of what you have, what you need and what you want? It also asks you to think realistically and gives you something to strive for and to.

"G is for Goals!!!!
"G is for Goals!!!! | Source

Goals for summer where time of year

A goal for the summer is another weird and offbeat idea for the summertime. Even so, why not? Why can’t goal making and goal reaching be a yearlong feat? Pick one to three goals that you want to accomplish this summer. Whether it is to learn a new recipe, head out to a new restaurant, read 5 books, host a party, or take a class such as yoga or pottery making. This will also give you something to look forward to and strive for.

Celebrate the end of Spring

Celebrate the end of Spring in some way. Spring is about rebirth, warmer weathers and new beginnings. Summer continues this tradition, except its on full blast and is in full expression. The joy, the new found happiness and sense of wonder in the air, summer brings. Appreciate that you’ve made it through not all the flu seasons and harsh winter weathers but also the unpredictably of the weather and the rain showers of spring.

Spring is about rebirth and summer is about using this rebirth and ambitious energy to have fun and get things rolling. Overall these are some suggestions to end your Spring on a high note and start your summer off right. I hope these suggestions help. Tell me what you think?

Beet mit Tulpen und Stiefmütterchen
Beet mit Tulpen und Stiefmütterchen | Source

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