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Enjoy The Holidays - Or Don't

Updated on December 26, 2016

It seems that in recent times, someone believes that people actively engage in a war on Christmas. I see that opinion as one that simply doesn't ring true. We live in an age where people take a slight - or even a perceived slight - quite personally. We all know a lot of people don't celebrate Christmas. We can be just as sure that most non-Christians don't mind being in a place where people do celebrate the holiday, in spite of the day having no personal meaning to them. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion - as well as the freedom to not practice one. This leaves Americans with a lot of opinions to weigh. The atheists, for example, don't want government buildings decorated with any sort of holiday paraphernalia. Some decorations have decided that such decorations are just a suggestion, and not any sort of religious mandate. Some cities have responded by including non-Christmas celebrations, and even made attempts to accommodate atheist beliefs.

I myself learned from the example of my parents. They seldom attended church, but they knew the importance of living their faith. Religion can teach good philosophical values, and allow people a chance to bond with others in their community. In certain ways, I follow the examples I saw. I have become more spiritual than religious, but I enjoy the Christmas holiday and the chance to share cheerful moments with family and people close to me. I find it disappointing when I hear of people offended by the greeting of Merry Christmas. I think people should know better than to take Merry Christmas as an insult. When I say Merry Christmas, I am not saying the same thing as - and I am paraphrasing here - go intercourse yourself. Even though I will not fully understand a greeting like Happy Hanukkah, or the blessings associated with such occasions as Bodhi Day, Mawlid, of that all-American of holidays, Kwanzaa, I know these people of different creeds and cultures are not telling me to go screw myself. They simple have a different celebratory spirit, and I hope I've done enough to respect that here.

I am not going to fight in a war on Christmas that doesn't take away the right of anyone to celebrate Christmas. If an employer wants to be respectful of views beyond those held by many, that is their prerogative. No employer owns every moment of every person's life, for down time exists. People should be free to celebrate Christmas, another December holiday, or not celebrate any moment of the month at all. If Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays are upsetting to a person who might hear that from me or read this article, I wish for this greeting to be polite and respectful to you.

Have a nice December, and all the best in 2016.


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    • ajwrites57 profile image

      AJ 23 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Yes, sorry, I should have said, "I agree." Graciousness has gone out with the typewriter Mills P.

    • profile image

      Pat Mills 23 months ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      That is a part of my point, AJ. Another part is that people should do more to ignore the critics and observe the way they choose. Likewise, the non-observers should understand most don't share their view and not try and hurt those with an opposing view. Make a choice, and be gracious to those who don't agree.

    • ajwrites57 profile image

      AJ 23 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Mills P. Even if one rejects Christ, one can celebrate the meaning of Christmas--loving and giving selflessly. Instead, they choose to embody The Grinch or Scrooge before his conversion. To them I say: Humbug!

    • profile image

      Pat Mills 24 months ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      Merry Christmas in advance to you as well, Mel. I wish the folks at Fox News would quit fanning the flames by acting like the naysayers have taken their campaign to all Americans. If some don't want to celebrate Christmas, they should ignore all of the publicity. Their way of living isn't as interesting as they think it should be. Live and let live, already.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 24 months ago from San Diego California

      I think it's just a handful of chronic malcontents Mills. My Muslim neighbors I had in the past would decorate their house at Christmas. They were great people who weren't above enjoying a holiday greeting. Great hub, and an early Merry Christmas to you!