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Essential Gifts For Wine Lovers: What Are The Best Gift Ideas For Wine Enthusiasts?

Updated on June 6, 2014

Swirling A Taste For Life


What Are The Best Gifts For Wine Lovers?

Everyone has a wine lover on their list. Fortunately, every aspect of wine culture comes with a plethora of accessories providing an enormous variety of gifts and ideas for wine lovers everywhere. Whether it is stemware and pourers in which to serve the wine - fridges, coolers & racks for storage - bottle & glass holders, stoppers & sealers, aerators, openers, decanters, thermometers, books and of course the wine itself, the list is literally endless.

Thankfully, there are a few wine gadgets that are an essential piece of every wine lover’s arsenal. Whether you are a wine lover yourself, or absolutely detest the stuff, or are somewhere in between, this article will help you find the must-have gifts for wine lovers of all persuasion. So pour yourself a glass of...well, whatever your preference is, and lets get started.

They Probably Have One


Gifts For Wine Lovers: What To Avoid?

Typically, the most traditional of gifts for wine lovers has been the ubiquitous corkscrew opener. Trouble is, just about everyone has one hiding in the back of a drawer somewhere, and your wine enthusiast probably has several already. Further, the wine industry is moving away from using corks at all. Wines are being bottled using twist-off caps, making the corkscrew a bit of a dinosaur. Given the changing nature of the industry, its probably best to avoid openers when buying gifts for the wine lovers on your list.

Another cliché gift to avoid is wine glasses. Of course, where there’s wine, there will be wine glasses, but if you are buying for an established wine lover, they are likely already well stocked.

So what is one to do? Luckily, there are these five great gifts and ideas for wine lovers everywhere.

Aerators: Essential Gifts For Wine Lovers

Good wines need time to “breathe” before they are enjoyed. This means allowing air to interact with the wine, a process called aeration, traditionally done using a decanter. A decanter is a wide jug which allows the wine to breathe by exposing the surface of the wine to the air. Problem is, decanters are both slow and inconvenient. Depending on the decanter, it can take quite a while for the wine to fully breath and, once the wine is exposed to air, it begins to slowly perish and is difficult to save.

A good pour-through aerator avoids this all together, allowing you to aerate only the wine you need, as you pour it, glass by glass. You won’t have to wait for the wine to breathe and you can aerate one glass at a time enabling you to save what’s left in the bottle. Furthermore, they save cupboard space and your bother-in-law won’t break them helping you move. Simple, easy, and an absolute necessity - the wine aerator tops the list of gifts for wine lovers.

See Why Aerators Make Great Gifts For Wine lovers

Wine Savers: Among The Best Gifts For Wine Lovers

An open bottle of wine won’t last very long - a day or two at the most - even if its put in the fridge. That makes opening your favorite bottle for just a glass or two a real problem. The thought of wasting any precious juice is an abhorrence to most wine lovers and not everyone wants to put away an entire bottle every time.

This is where wine savers come in as such fantastic gifts for wine lovers. A wine saver is the combination of an airtight stopper and a vacuum pump. After your favorite bottle has been enjoyed, the stopper is inserted and the bottle is vacuumed using a small hand pump. Wine in a vacuumed bottle will last at least twice as long as a regular bottle, usually 2-4 days. For those who, like myself, enjoy a glass or two just about every day, but not always a full bottle, the wine saver is the wine lovers quintessential gift.

Wine Charms: Unique, Practical Wine Lovers Gifts

A good set of wine charms are a must-have for anyone who enjoys hosting company and sharing their cherished wines. Imagine a social evening with a room full of guests, all mingling about, drinking the same wine out of the same glasses. It's a scene that regularly occurs and often results in confusion over whose drink is whose. Wine charms prevent this by individually marking each wine glass. They can be either a fun suction cup on the side of the glass or, more commonly, a decorated ring that slips onto the stem. These little charms not only personalize each glass of wine to prevent confusion, they are also a great conversation piece and are absolute must gifts for wine lovers everywhere!

Wine Coolers: Elegant Gifts for Wine Lovers

One of the “coolest” gifts for wine lovers is the table top wine cooler. They work by simply trapping a thin volume of air around the bottle that is quickly chilled by the bottle and then acts as an insulator keeping the bottle cool. White wine is usually served chilled and needs to remain chilled throughout the pouring of the bottle. These handy items serve as both a beautiful bottle holder and a cooler for the table top, bar, or wherever, avoiding repeated trips to the fridge.

They are very convenient when serving white wine with any meal. As opposed to leaving the table to return the bottle to the fridge every time, the cooler allows for the bottle to remain chilled on the table, ready to be poured again as needed. A simple and very useful gift idea for any wine enthusiast.

Cheese sets: Astute Gifts for Wine Lovers

If the wine lover on your list already has all the above, try this: a complete cheese serving set is always one of the top gifts for wine lovers because it is both unique & charming but also practical & useful. Avid wine lovers usually serve some type of small finger food to accompany their favorite wines but don’t always have something so distinguished to serve it on.

The finger food of choice is usually cheese, often served with crackers and various fruits or sliced meats. Your wine lover will adore such a purpose-specific, attractive set. A complete cheese set, with a cutting board and an array of small cutting knives, serving forks and spreading knives is the perfect avenue for serving all the flavor-enhancing tidbits that accompany wines.

Choosing the perfect gifts for wine lovers can seem bewildering. Stick with these five guaranteed hit gifts and you are sure to delight your wine lover friends!


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    • wisdomsource profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard Arthur 

      4 years ago from Vancouver Island, west coast Canada

      Glad you appreciated the article. I'm a wine lover and have all five of these accessories, they're great items. I also have three children so "wine at 2 in the afternoon" seems like a good idea probably more often than it should!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This is great, I really appreciate this list of accessories and gifts for wine lovers. You've got the gears turning. Plus now I want to drink wine at 2 in the afternoon.


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