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Even Ghosts Ride at Disneyland

Updated on October 22, 2015

Disneyland is one of the most happiest places on Earth or Is it? The Disneyland park has been open for well over 50 years and has spurred technological advances in Amusement park history. The Disneyland theme park not only has a history with being an amusement park but has had some unfortunate accidents and events that add to its past. However, the park seems to be not only the happiest for people on earth but the unearthly apparitions that want to continue to enjoy its attractions. This theme park has changed and evolved over the centuries and has grown immensely in Anaheim, CA and has also expanded its theme park presence in many locations internationally and nationally.

Not only does the general public enjoy all of the rides but some ghostly apparitions appear to enjoy the amusement park well into the twilight hours too!

While the doors and gates close to the general public other unearthly entities come into the park to ride the Matterhorn, swim in the rivers of America, enjoy a ride on the monorail, or even step onto the people mover.

Over the years the park has had some unpleasant and disasterous events where some of its patrons have died. All in all there have been 10 people in todal that have been reported to have died on the Disneyland amusement park grounds.

Some were killed while trying to stand up on the Matterhorn, others dragged to their deaths on the monorail, and still others who ventured into the Rivers of America site drowned to death. There even was a cast member who was squashed in between the moving walls of rotating walls on the site.

It does not stop the ghostly apparitions from taking walks through the theme park and finding the ride that makes them happy. The apparition of a ghostly figure appears to walk through to their favorite rides. So who is this ghostly apparition? It could be any one of the 10 people who passed away here and wanted to come back and enjoy the rides at Disneyland before their own lives were abruptly lost. They could be here to finish what they initially started when they wanted to enjoy the rides.

It is also rumored that there could be deaths that were not reported and these lost souls want the recognition that they lived, rode, and died here on the Disneyland grounds.

The ghost only come out at night and pays no mind to its other surroundings only walking and enjoying the theme park. As you can see on this video of security cameras that were taken on the Disneyland Property.


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