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Event Planners Can Cut Costs

Updated on May 29, 2014

Event planners have special powers. Don't believe it? Well, those 'special powers' mainly revolve around stretching your budget as much as you can possible stretch it. With a lot of people planning parties on a budget nowadays, event planners are considered real 'superheroes' in that regard.

Stretch your budget with an event planner

The notion of hiring an event planner sound expensive, though a truly good event planner will immediately help you recoup your hiring costs. That immediately starts with them helping you stretch your event budget.

Every event has a budget—after all, you can't just run an event for free! So, because every event has a budget, they naturally have several things that certain costs are delegated to. Most events usually have costs divided between catering, the venue and any entertainment options. Bigger events might have those basics become a lot more intricate, typically depending on the amount of people attending, the type of things they have access to and, well, the budget itself.

Yes, it's no secret that the more money you have to put into the event's budget, you automatically gain more options. Thanks to that, people with bigger budgets can simply do more. That doesn't mean that they have to do more, though.

Cutting event costs

A lot of people don't think about cutting the costs of their event until it's too late—and, that's usually because they've gone over budget already. Though, you can stop yourself from going over budget with the help of an event planner.

From the start of your event planning process, an event planner can help you assign appropriate costs to important 'functions' of your event. So, they can help you find a suitable budget for your entertainment options, which could allow you to have a better set of options for catering, event restrooms, and so on.

Even with catering, your event planner can introduce some budget friendly options that will also help your guests feel, well, satiated. Some resources have suggested an idea where you 'forgo appetizers for something likes dry snacks or warm snacks with dips in between meals.'

Cost cutting measures also apply to the process of creating invites, too. Instead of creating elaborate print invites, you can make e-mail invitations. Some people now invest in entire websites dedicated to their event, allowing their guests to subscribe to their event mailing lists as subscribers for updates. That's just one example of modern conveniences that an event planner can help you sort out for your next event.

Watching your event costs

While cost cutting along the way works, so does cutting your costs when you start planning. So, does that mean you have to be careful with choosing event elements that are not as expensive as some you had in mind? Yes, it does.

It's something that does affect a lot of people who plan events, though it's a necessary evil. After all, if you don't have the budget, there's no way you should plan that particular part of the event!


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