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Exclusive Diwali Gifting Guide for Corporates by Giftxoxo

Updated on October 3, 2015

Exclusive Diwali Gifts For Experience

We all can’t wait for a season of festivities as they bring with them a lot of colors, re-unions with families and friends, cultural celebrations, food hogging, holidays and not to mention what all of us seem to enjoy the most – exchanging gifts! So with Diwali just around the corner, you must have started planning for what gifts to arrange for your employees. Chocolates and dry fruits are passé and boring! Let’s look at a treasure chest of new Diwali gift boxes by Giftxoxo exclusively for corporates which will surely increase the happiness quotient of your employees.

  1. Diwali Junnat: At Giftxoxo, we believe that every experience should be worth writing a story about. We also know what stays on forever is an adventure and travel. This is why we have this Diwali box which can be a perfect getaway for your employees with their loved ones. Inside this box, there are eight unique travel, adventure and lifestyle experiences that a person can choose from. Be it enjoying a foot massage, witnessing an agricultural landscape by indulging in agricultural activities, or kitesurfing along a river, this box is sure to surprise you with lifetime experiences that can be redeemed exclusively from Giftxoxo.
  2. Serenity in the South: Another gift of experience, this box will take you down south to explore its beautiful landscape amongst lush tropical gardens, steep mountains and snow-clad evenings, surfing in the waters or enjoying your beautiful mornings in the lap of Karnataka. This could serve as a brilliant gift for those who want to enjoy a peaceful, tranquil yet slightly adventurous holiday in the beautiful and breathtaking southern part of India.
  3. A Diwali Quest: This gift box is a perfect mix for those who are seeking for some rustic adventures and are up for some brand new experiences for a lifetime. As the name suggests, this box contains a list of quests for you to choose from. You can take a thrilling cross country drive and enjoy rapelling, which can help test one’s stamina and energy. There is also a jungle trek for those ready to face the uncertainties of the mountains. For those who want a calmer experience can choose from a visit to the museum and visit history of art and culture or enjoy their mornings enjoying a cup of fresh organic tea in the lap of nature.
  4. A Surreal Diwali: This is for those who would want a surreal European experience in the city of Delhi. For the exotic food lovers, there is an option to enjoy fresh Italian cuisine with sparkling wine or enjoy a 50’s themed restaurant’s impeccable service. There is also an option to enjoy the splendid barbeque palate which is surely an option only a few would deny. There are also a variety of artistic experiences to dip one’s mind in, ranging from learning the art of pottery to taking a shot at tango. Once can also enjoy a picnic by the Saras Resort in Damdama or witness a fun filled day of adventure at World of Wonders. There is something for everyone!
  5. Deepavali Hubba: For all those in Karnataka, this is a deal you do not want to miss out on! This would be a perfect getaway for your employees when they need a break from work. They can choose from shaking a leg with some dance, recharge with some yoga with professional practitioners, climbing their way up activities or simply wining and dining with a comfortable Mediterranean feast with loved ones.
  6. Mesmerizing Twilight: If you are in Maharashtra, we have a great offer for you and your employees to make the most out of this Diwali. There is JunnatDarshan in which you can get a real feel of the daily life of an Indian farmer by witnessing his activities yourself and staying on the farm. An experience which will definitely make one more humble. Employees could also get the chance to have a fun time with family with a few adventure outings. You can have the perfect dinner escapades with your loved ones with mouth-watering delicacies that will make your heart skip a beat. A Diwali time, the memories of which will be etched in your hearts and minds for so many years to come.
  7. Fireflies: For the fun loving and lover of exotic experiences, the Fireflies gift box could be a perfect Diwali gift. There are options ranging from delicious breakfast options to rediscovering one’s love for the amazing city called Bombay! From gliding away in the air to enjoying tiny portions of the most delectable portions of desserts, this pack is for the one who deserves to be loved and pampered. If you are a lover of French cuisine, you can have dinner on the wheels with India’s most iconic fresh restaurant – La Plage. You also have the opportunity of playing with the winds across your face on a yacht in the lap of our favorite city Goa!
  8. Flames in the Winds: Another breathtaking pack of a unique set of experiences to choose from! This gift box will take your breath away with its perfect set of options to choose from. There is something for every mood! If you feel wild, you can take a walk through the jungles, if you are feeling adventurous, you can choose from a variety of adventure in the hills, rafting through water or kiss the clouds by flying a micro light plane! If you are in the mood for some relaxation, you can always tingle your taste buds with delightful food in a perfectly wonderful ambience.
  9. Searing in the skies: Want to fulfill your childhood dream of floating amidst clouds? It can come true with this exclusive gift box! BE it riding a plane or redefining adventure sports, you can claim whatever you want to be yours from this gift box. A hair spa also with natural treatment also waits to calm your senses with natural oils and expert hands. If you are a city person and have that urge to explore the city of Bangalore, we have experts who can help you reflect on the rich culture and diversity of the garden city. You can also grab the offer of relaxing at an eco-friendly resort in Kerela with your loved ones.
  10. A Deepavali Gala: This is a perfect gift option for those in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. From cross country drives, exploring wildlife, walking in the jungles to holidaying at a dream valley and retreating at the best of resorts, this exclusive gift box is for all those who are not satisfied by the commonalities of life and wish to live on the edge. Diwali after all is a time to enjoy with family and friends, so why not grab a chance to enjoy some peaceful moments at beautiful resorts or explore authentic 100 year old buildings in the outskirts of Tamil Nadu. People can take a break from their hectic city lives by feeling special and refreshed with a holiday at Dream Valley in Telangana.

At Giftxoxo, we certainly do spoil you for choice! If you have any more ideas for corporate gifting this Diwali, please mention on the comments below!

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