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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Fake Christmas Tree

Updated on March 20, 2011

If you are thinking about purchasing a fake Christmas tree, then you are not alone. Many individuals are opting for artificial Christmas trees over one of the genuine deal. Faux trees are easier to care for, and a few are also flame resistant. Also, they're more true-to-life and practical than before. In fact, not many individuals can make the distinction from a quality fake Christmas tree and a real live one until they feel it.

When choosing a fake Christmas tree, you can select from numerous distinct styles, shapes, sizes and price variations. Do you like the appearance of fir, spruce, cedar or pine? Fake Christmas trees are created after the genuine article and look so much like the real thing that a faux spruce tree has the equivalent bright green color as a real one. The entire form of the fake Christmas tree along with the needles and branches are fashioned to appear just like many types of genuine trees. There a few choices for each person's style preferences, including pre-lighted trees that assist you to stay away from the annoyance of twisted strands of Christmas lights.

An artificial tree can look just like the real thing!
An artificial tree can look just like the real thing!

Will The Tree Fit?

It depends on the area you choose to place your fake Christmas tree, but you may favor a tall, skinny one, or a short, fat one. These sizes are available to purchase, and so is every size in between. It's still a good plan to measure the selected space to be sure the fake Christmas tree you choose will fit properly. If you have 8-foot (2.4m) ceilings, measure them to be sure they are definitely 8 feet.

Quite often, ceiling heights are a bit less than you've anticipated, and if that's so, the Christmas tree will not fit properly. Typically, it's a good plan to choose a fake tree that is 6 to 12 inches lower than the estimated ceiling measurement. This is a good rule of thumb whether you select a fake or real Christmas tree, however with a real tree you still have the choice of cutting off a small amount of trunk to make it fit.

Not Ready To Give Up Tradition Just Yet?

If you decide to choose a real Christmas tree, the prevalent concern is making certain it is extremely fresh and to keep it well watered. Pluck a few of its needles from the branch to look at them. They ought to be attached securely instead of easily falling off. Snap a needle in two pieces. It should be damp, bend without breaking, and  have a pretty strong smell. If that is not the case, the tree might be partly dehydrated, and will likely remain that way, even once it is put into water. Not only do dry trees rapidly lose their vibrant appearance, they also drop their needles a lot faster and will quickly become a potential fire hazard.

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