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Fall-Winter Décor | Old Time Carts | Sleighs | Wagons | Goat Wagons | Wheelbarrows

Updated on September 19, 2012
Reproduction Express Wagons
Reproduction Express Wagons
Medium Express Wagon
Medium Express Wagon
Large Buckboard Wagon
Large Buckboard Wagon
Buck Sleigh
Buck Sleigh
Reproduction Wooden Wheelbarrows
Reproduction Wooden Wheelbarrows
Peddler-Vendor Carts
Peddler-Vendor Carts
Reproduction Goat Wagons
Reproduction Goat Wagons

Use these authentic reproductions of old time carts, wagons, wheelbarrows and sleighs, to give your home, business, or commercial property a splash of nostalgic

These head turning carts and barrows will be popular photography spots for fall and winter displays.

They are also perfect for all seasons to display flowers, plants , or to use commercially for produce and product displays.

The vendor carts make perfect outdoor mobile sales kiosk.

You can even purchase the hardware kit and plans to build some of these classic reproduction old time work horses.

Carts, wagons and wheelbarrows are Amish handcrafted in the heart of the Pennsylvania Amish Dutch country.

Made of solid hard woods you can custom design as basic starting with unfinished using metal wheels to upgrading to wood spoke wheels.

Custom finish includes stain, paint or stain and varnish, even pin stripping.

A heavy galvanized liner can also be added to hold potty soil and grow plants, so the soil does not touch the wood.

Express Wagons are replicas of German design used in the 1800s-1900s. These wagons can be upgraded with wheel bushings and a metal gear brace to make them functioning working wagons just like they were used in the day.

The large express wagon box measures 48” long X 24-1/2” wide X 4-1/2” high. This wagon has 24" wheels on the rear and 19" wheels on the front.

A smaller version is also available the box measures 36” long X 18” wide X 4” high. This wagon utilizes 15" wheels on the back and 11-1/2" wheels on the front.

The old time wooden wheelbarrows are working replicas of the wheelbarrows used in the 1800s and early 1900s. Without many other options, these wheelbarrows were used across almost any setting from home, farm, business, and construction.

Old wooden antique wheelbarrows are hard to find for those who want to use them for décor and displays. These stunning reproductions of the classic will leave people wondering if it is old or new.

The buckboard wagon is another popular nostalgic display. Like the express wagons the medium and large sizes can be upgraded with wheel bushings and metal gear brace to be more than a decorating piece. They can be pulled by a small goat, pony, or garden tractor and have even been used in parades.

These same buckboard wagons also are available in a sleigh version which also can be used as décor or as a functioning sleigh pulled by small animals.

Another classic cart is the peddler cart, or as some may call it a vendor cart. These carts were again used during the 1800s-1900s as street vendor carts to sale everything from fresh flowers, newspapers, wares and produce. They are now popular décor and merchant display carts for fresh flowers, product displays, and even used in culinary arts as food display carts.

This cart is used in the background of a popular TV day time soap opera.

The box size of the peddler cart is approx 30” wide and 4’ long including the stub handles.

Goat wagons are another very popular decorating item. They are also known as pumpkin wagons, and make wonderful fall displays with straw and pumpkins. These are authentic reproductions of the antique goat wagons being imported from the European countries.

If you would rather save some money and use your own woodworking talents, hardware kits and plans are available for wooden wheelbarrows, vendor carts and peddler carts. These are a little different style than the completed carts and barrows, but are designed to be authentic reproductions.

Complete buckboard and wagon seat benches are also available as well as hardware kits and plans to build your own benches.

Pictures and product info courtesy of Cottage Craft Works .com where you can also purchase these wonderful nostalgic pieces.


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