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Fall and Fun!!

Updated on September 15, 2015

Some things that come with the new season.

Schools in now and all the kids are gone! But what do you do??? Get ready with creativity! Let the colors of the the changing seasons flow. Now the weather is getting cooler and time spent out side is getting less and less. So figure out somethings to do inside. Here's a few to start:

  1. Coloring contests
  2. Family Baking
  3. Movie night

Not everything has to break the bank... Do things in the community and get involoved with the Holdiay Festivities.


Getting ready for the fall.

For this fall depending on where you live depends on the what your wearing. But, mom that doesn't look right. Well, it's jackets or coats, gloves,and hats for the months ahead. Try and find things of good quality and a good price. Brands that last longer are better then ones that look the time. Make sure you don't over dress,but surely don't under dress for the weather. Once you have the necessites, style it up. Before the bad weather keeps you in get out there for one last romp in the leaves.

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Holidays this time of year.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Don't let the cold and snow keep you from enjoying friends,family, and the seasons greetings. Around this change in the year cool weather and a cup of hot chocolate can make the holidays a wonderful time of year. Key to success quality for great prices. Seasons Greetings Everyone!


Juliet Faith


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