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Family-Friendly Halloween Party Game Ideas

Updated on September 26, 2018

Halloween Party Game Ideas

I love Halloween! Every year we have friends and family around and have a Halloween party, and we always play games together, mostly to keep the kids entertained, but the adults always join in and have just as much fun!

So here are some of the Halloween party games that we play, you might want to try some of them at your Halloween party.

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Game - Mummy Wrapping!

Mummy Wrapping is an easy game to play, doesn't cost much, and isn't too messy, all you need is some rolls of toilet paper and a bit of space to move.

This Halloween game is really simple, just get everyone into pairs, one person will be the mummy and the other one will be doing the wrapping. The winner is the fastest person to wrap their partner like a mummy using their roll of toilet paper!

Fun Halloween Party Game

AerWo Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Games + 3 Bean Bags, Halloween Games for Kids Party Halloween Decorations
AerWo Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss Games + 3 Bean Bags, Halloween Games for Kids Party Halloween Decorations
We've used games like this at quite a few of our parties and they are always a lot of fun. It's easy for adults and children to play, inexpensive, not at all messy, and the standing game board adds to your Halloween decorations, what could be better?

Halloween Apple Bobbing

This Halloween game is a traditional one, and fairly mess free, although I always have some towels to hand in case the water gets splashed.

Simply put some apples in a tub of water and people have to try to get an apple out using only their mouth, keeping their hands behind their back.

It's a classic and it's good fun!

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun and are really easy to set up, just write up some clues (hint - maybe use your Halloween decorations as "landmarks") and have a prize ready for the winner!

You can have a bit of fun with the clues and make them rhyme if you're feeling creative, for example, one we've used in the past is...

"The witch cackles, the zombie moans,

your next clue is found where there is lots of bones" (we had a few skeletons together in one area that year).

I admit, it isn't exactly Shakespeare, but it's fun and it worked.

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

I know that pumpkin carving is traditional, but there is no way I'm getting out the big knives while there are exited kids about, no matter how careful the adults are, accidents can still happen and I won't take that risk.

You can still have fun with pumpkins though, and this way everyone can have a go. Everyone can decorate their own pumpkin with paints or marker pens! Maybe have prizes for the scariest, or the most colorful, or the cutest, you can make up your own categories for this.

Pin The Nose On The Witch

Just the same as the classic "pin the tail on the donkey" but with a Halloween theme!

Other variations could be pin the tail on the witch's cat, pin the stalk on the pumpkin, or, if you want something a bit spookier, how about pin the eye on the zombie!

It's a traditional game that kids still love playing.

You can buy the game or make you're own depending on how craft-minded you are.

Pumpkin Hunt

Another simple and inexpensive Halloween party game is the Pumpkin Hunt.

Just cut out lots of pumpkin shapes from orange cardboard or paper and hide them around the house and garden (weather permitting!) then whoever finds the most wins!

Halloween Bowling Game

Another fun Halloween game we play is Spooky Bowling.

Decorate a ball using markers to look like a pumpkin or maybe a skull, and using either paint or markers decorate some empty cans (be careful to smooth off any sharp edges). You could also use paper cups or plastic cups. When you've decorated them you have everything that you need!

Simply stack the cups or cans and bowl!

I've found the adults especially get quite competitive with this game!

If you don't want to make your own...

Fun Express Fall Bowling Set
Fun Express Fall Bowling Set
I find this candy corn Halloween bowling game is less noisy than making one with cans, and it looks cute too! Plus the layout and the pumpkin bowling ball make it a little bit more like real bowling. The kids will love this!

Ghost In The Pot Halloween Game

Another simple game that can be set up really quickly.

For this one you just need to set out some cups and throw the ghosts (marshmallows!) into the cups.

This game has evolved at our parties so that the cups are set out in a triangle shape with the closest row, made up of four cups, being worth one point. The second row (three cups) is worth two points, the third row (two cups) is worth 3 points, and the final cup is worth 4 points and whoever scores the most points wins.

This is another one that the kids absolutely love, and that the adults get quite competitive about!

Spooky Statues

Another easy one as it's just musical statues, but with Halloween themed music. Our favorite songs to use for this are Monster Mash, Thriller, the Ghostbusters theme, and Time Warp as they are all classics but the kids seem to love them, and if they're happy we're all happy!

Happy Halloween

So there you go, plenty of fun Halloween party game ideas that should keep everyone entertained at your Halloween party.

Are there any Halloween games that you always have at your parties? Tell me in the comments, I'm always looking for new Halloween game ideas!

© 2018 Tam Davies


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