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Famous Haunted Places - Thornewood Castle

Updated on June 29, 2010



Located on the edge of the AmericanLake on the outskirts of Tacoma, Washington (state), ThornewoodCastle is a 400 year old Elizabethan manor.  It was originally built in England, was purchased by Chester Thorne, dismantled and shipped brick by brick to its present location in Washington.  The house was finished in Washington in 1911.  The Thornes inhabited it for many years.  It is now a Bed and Breakfast and open to the public.

ThornewoodCastle was the location for the filming of Stephen King’s and ABC television’s mini-series, "Rose Red." That movie had many factious spirits, figments of the famous author’s imagination, however there are many real spirits that reside in the house. 

The most prevalent spirit sighting at Thornewood is of Chester Thorne himself.  Also, in his former bedroom light bulbs are often found to be unscrewed.  Guests have reported seeing Anna, Chester’s wife, as well.  She has been seen sitting in the window seat of her bedroom, overlooking the extensive garden. Anna’s image has also been seen reflected in her mirror, which is still hanging in the room.  The grandchild of a former owner drowned in the lake and occasionally guests have seen a small child standing alone by the lake, only to rush down and find no one there. 

Contrary to Stephen King, the spirits at Thornewood are not negative and do not try to scare or hurt anyone.  You can  investigate the house yourself by making a reservation to stay overnight. 

Thornewood Castle Inn
8601 N. Thorne Lane S.W.
Lakewood, Washington    98498
(253) 584-4393


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