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Wrapping Farmers Markets Christmas Gifts

Updated on January 25, 2017
Farmers' markets sell other items besides fruit and vegetables.
Farmers' markets sell other items besides fruit and vegetables. | Source

Summer is time for farmers' markets.

Your neighbourhood farmers’ market is a good option for Christmas gifts for many reasons. In fact, you do not have to limit yourself to your area.

Some people make it a Saturday thing, taking long drives to visit other farmer’s markets. It is fun and there is so much to discover, so that you don't resort to re-gifting because you don't have any unique gifts.

You can also have a stall in a farmers' market to sell things you make. Just find out how you register for one and the fee involved. Who knows? You might meet people with the same hobby.

Farmers Markets Surprise Finds

  • Farmers’ markets in Canada sell more than fruits and vegetables. They also have hand made things that might delight a friend who loves wood, leather, crotchet, knitting, soap and other hand-crafted items.

  • Gifts from farmers’ markets might be more thoughtful and tailored for your kids, family and friends.

  • For example, you might know somebody who still bottles peaches and other fruit, a dying art indeed. You can place a special order just before Christmas, for 6 small bottles of an assortment of bottled fruit or pickled vegetables.

  • Somewhere along the line, we forgot that it is the thought that counts. We hurt our loved ones by standing in long lines at the mall on 26 December, returning gifts that were bought with love. Your friends and family cannot return gifts you bought from farmers market.

  • Traders that specialize in hand-made crafts can customize items, like putting your son’s name on a T-Shirt ‘B-Man’ if that is his street name. Parents are now used to the reality that their teen sons and daughters tweak their names so that they can have ‘street cred’. Oh! That means credibility.

Jewellery stores are also popular at the Winnipeg Farmers Market
Jewellery stores are also popular at the Winnipeg Farmers Market | Source

Buying Gifts for Rich People

Hollywood and Christmas movies are partly responsible for Christmas fever. They show bad characters that do not understand the Christmas spirit and opening gifts under the tree, while it snows outside. Daddy, a business man is always home for Christmas.

The old movies have beautiful homes with two kids, the father’s gender and the mother’s gender. The mother’s gender gets a girlish present that will ensure that she grows up to be like mom and have a beautiful home like her parents.

Mom’s present used to be some diamonds are a girl's best friend toys from Tiffany in New York, or a mink coat from Harrods London.

Today’s girls enter a Mikimoto store on Place Vendome in Paris and swipe their platinum credit cards if they want something for their pierced ears. They do not wear fur or mink because they do not want animal rights advocates raining on their parade.

Credit cards make the world go round, which leads to many shoes, suits, computers, everything. Christmas is therefore a problem because what do you buy someone who has everything?

Another designer handbag or another pair of sneakers for your only son? That is where farmers’ markets might solve the problem.

Frequent Visits to Farmers Markets

  • There is no guarantee that you will find the ideal gift on your first visit to a farmers’ market. Frequent visits however, might trigger an idea.

  • You might notice the guy with a stall selling batik clothing and window covers. His stall is popular because he has all his paints and stencils for making the batik. You can buy two silk scarves and enjoy the envy from your friends.

  • What is interesting about unique things are the comments. Nobody will make mocking remarks like, “C’mon! It’s a knock-off Gucci.” They will however ask you who made it for you or where you got your unusual batik silk scarves.

  • That might lead to an idea of making putting a special order of four batik shirts for your son, the lead guitarist in the school band. You know the band members very well because they practise in your sound proof basement.

  • The artist who makes batik at the flea market might warm up to the idea, being an artist himself. Give him your son’s size and his mates. Pay for the shirts and hide them until Christmas week. Gift wrap them and give band members their gifts before they break for the December holidays.

  • Who knows? The shirts might be a hit, and the batik-seller at the farmers’ market might land a big order for both silk scarves and shirts with batik motifs.

Soap displays are a major attraction at the Winnipeg Farmers Market
Soap displays are a major attraction at the Winnipeg Farmers Market | Source
The Wow Moment, if I may quote Oprah Winfrey. This is the reaction you will get if you give friends and family unique gifts.
The Wow Moment, if I may quote Oprah Winfrey. This is the reaction you will get if you give friends and family unique gifts. | Source

Soap for Christmas

Just a re-cap. The idea to scout farmers’ markets for Christmas gifts is based on the dilemma of buying gifts for people who have everything.

The Winnipeg Farmers’ Market in Canada occurs on different days and locations. My favourite is the Thursday one at Manitoba Hydro courtyard.

I go there to replenish my stock of honey, green beans, snow peas, and of course the banana loaf, from the bakery run by Mennonite ladies. It is the best I have ever tasted and I know my banana loaf.

After buying the food, I visit the soap stall. It is always packed and interesting: soap that looks like watermelon, soap that looks like kiwi and the stall display!

Whipped Cosmetics is the name of the soap stall. She arranges it like skyscrapers on Bay Street that expelled the sun. She also has a black machine where she cuts it for you. An assortment of soap will be an ideal gift for someone who loves scent.

You can always make your soap but who has the time. Besides, you support local businesses when you buy from farmers markets.

Other Gifts Ideas from Farmers Markets

  • Stalls with wood work

  • Stalls with bottled fruit and vegetables

  • Stalls with flower arrangements

  • Stalls with knitted items

Gifts It Is The Thought That Counts

The Oxford Dictionary defines a gift as, ‘A thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.’

It usually takes some time and effort to find something that your friend would like. Money is not even the issue. It is someone thinking about you first, then doing something sweet like getting you a gift.

I don’t know at what point you ask for the receipt because you want to return the gift to the store. The beauty of hand made goods from the farmers market is that you cannot return them.

You might not like it, but somebody will. I do not imagine you throwing it in the garbage bin. You wouldn’t be so heartless.


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    • bonda profile imageAUTHOR

      Nonqaba waka Msimang 

      4 years ago from Canada

      Thank Wiccan, but I'm never sure about the what to freeze though. For example, can I freeze cucumbers and pumpkin?

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Great gift ideas, I love farmers markets. And around here when the holiday season rolls around the harvest is still going on because the climate is so mild. Thanks for sharing!


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