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Father's Day Gift Ideas: For The Sports Fan

Updated on April 2, 2011

Is your father a sports fanatic? Does dad spend most of his free time cheering his favorite teams on to victory? This year for Father's Day, get your dad something he'll really enjoy. Forget about that boring old necktie, after all the dress code for an armchair quarterback is a bit too casual for that. You already know that he's the World's Greatest Dad, now help him prove that he's the #1 Sports Fan!

1. Take Dad Out To The Ballpark

This is the ultimate Father's Day gift for both you and your father! Dad gets to spend his special day routing for his team at the ballpark, while spending quality time with his favorite person in the world; you! Father's Day is on June 19th, so the weather should be pretty decent. Every Major League Baseball team will be playing on Father's Day, and all games will be played in the afternoon. Half of the teams will play at home, and the other half will be away. Whatever city your dad lives in, you have a 50% chance of a home game for his MLB team on Father's Day. To find out where your dad's favorite baseball team will be playing on Father's Day, and to check ticket availability Click Here.

2. If Dad's a Football Fan: An Gift Card

Kickoff to the NFL regular season is still months away, but trust me; football is already on your father's mind! If you've seen the commercial for the National Football League's online store, your probably familiar with their slogan: "You want the NFL? Go to the NFL." Send dad to the NFL, and give him a gift card to do a little shopping while he's there. With tons of really cool items for a football fan to choose from including: apparel, memorabilia, gadgets, household items, game tickets and more, dad will have the freedom to choose a gift that will really make his day. Maybe this Father's Day he can finally get rid of that 10 year old jersey, and buy one of a player who actually still plays for the team! Click Here to browse the store and decide if an gift card is something your father might enjoy.

3. Pimp Your Father's Man-cave!

Does the basement become dad's sanctuary on game day? Every man-cave should be decorated with posters, pennants and plaques which pay tribute to the home team. The man-cave should be a comfortable place to watch a game, and leave life's worries behind for a few hours. While taking in a game with friends, cold beer is definitely a necessity. Dad's man-cave could also use a few games to entertain his pals before, after and during halftime of games. Below I've created a list of some things that I have on my man-cave wish list to give you a few suggestions.


  • Team Clock- An attractive clock with his team's logo and colors will compliment the decor of dad's cave, and ensure that he has his butt parked in the recliner with a beer in hand before the first pitch, opening kickoff, tip-off or face-off.
  • An Over-sized Remote Control- When multiple games are on television at the same time, the remote control becomes dad's only line of defense against missing crucial moments of the games. A remote control lost in the cushion of his recliner can cause a complete breakdown of conditions in the cave. A large remote control won't get lost, and will ensure that your father catches every moment of sports action from every game possible.
  • A Mini Refrigerator- Dad's really not interested in the beneficial exercise he may get by running up and down the stairs to fetch a beer every time a timeout is called. He'd be much happier if his beer was at an arms distance, and he didn't need to leave his cave until the final whistle or horn has sounded.
  • A Space Heater- Does your father's man-cave get cold and drafty during the winter months? Don't force dad to bundle up as if he were going out into the elements to see the game in person just to watch it on his own t.v. Keep him and his buddies comfortable with a portable space heater.
  • A Dart Board- During halftime, dad his friends can take a break from spectating, and fore take in a little competition of their own. A friendly game of darts is also a good way to take their minds off of the game should the home team happen to lose.

4. A New Television

Is your father's television outdated? Is dad still watching sports on "the tube"? Help your father say goodbye to that bulky old tube-style T.V. set, and push him into the 21st century with a new flat-screen television. A high-definition t.v. will let dad see the games in a whole new light. The cost of flat-screen televisions has really dropped over the last few years, and a quality t.v. can really be quite affordable. If you have siblings, you could ask them to pitch in with you for dad's new television, and really make his day special without breaking your bank.

5. A Subsription to a Sports Magazine

Keep dad up to date with a subscription to a weekly sports publication. The two top sports magazines (in my opinion) are Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine. Dad won't miss a beat of action, and will pick up some tips to help his slumping fantasy team make the playoffs. Hey, if dad takes down the top prize you may actually get a half decent birthday gift this year..consider it an investment in your future!

What is your father's favorite sport?

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    • catherinenbrooks profile image

      Catherine Brooks 6 years ago from Santa Rosa, CA

      nice on sports gifts idea....